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© Marcelo Maragni for Wings for Life World Run

Last chance to sign up for 2015 Wings For Life World Run

It’s your last chance to sign up for the 2015 Wings For Life World Run on May 3! It’s a worthy cause that the action sports and adventure photography community can identify with and 100% of the proceeds go to Wings for Life, funding spinal cord research projects all over the world. We ask all photographers, athletes and members of our community to join the Red Bull Illume team in signing up!

The Wings For Life World Run has an exciting and unique race format: thirty minutes after the athletes start, a catcher car will begin to follow. Driving slowly first but increasing its speed at given periods in time, the catcher car is the moving finish line. Equipped with electronic sensors, the catcher car will pass the athletes, registering their digital chips on its way to the leaders. The last athlete to be caught worldwide will be the global champion! 

Online registration closes on April 28 at 11 am UTC. The Red Bull Illume team is proud to support Wings for Life with a percentage of proceeds from our Top 250 hardcover photobooks, and now we ask you to join us and lets run together! 


Making of series: Using a sun bouncer

For the third video in our throwback series, Red Bull Illume revisits photographer Leo Rosas' shoot with skateboarder Philipp Josephu. Leo demonstrates using a sun bouncer and its uses in a variety of settings, showing how it can be used as an effective way to fill-in shadows on an action shoot.

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The limited edition 2013 Red Bull Illume Photobook is available now! High-quality hardback and individually numbered, it contains the top 250 images as well as photographer bios and stories on the top 50 shots.

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