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Red Bull Illume is the world's premier action and adventure sports photography competition. The 2013 Image Quest uncovered a new, stunning collection of images.

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News & Stories

© David Carlier

Shooting Alpine Adventure with Mike Horn

Red Bull Illume photographer David Carlier has been working on a one-year adventure film & photography project called the "13 Faces of Valais", which aims at depicting the Alpine region of Switzerland through different eyes. Carlier has captured thirteen different stories on both film and stills throughout the four seasons. 

In September, Carlier had the chance to shoot Swiss mountain guide Frederic Roux and his climbing buddy, the infamous internationally renown explorer Mike Horn.The stunning images show Mike and Fred climbing Mont Dolent, via a mixed route leading to the summit that marks the border of Switzerland, France and Italy. The photo series also covers the athletes as they unpack their gliders and take off over the immense crevasses of the glacier towards the village of La Fouly.

"What an honor to spend two days in the mountains with Fred and Mike and document the adventure with such legends of the climbing and exploration world," says David. "Of course we have been really lucky with the weather and both the climb and the fly down were amazing... but the greatest part of it all was definitely the evening at the bivouac listening to some of the most incredible stories from past expeditions in very remote places!"

Mike Horn is now preparing a 3 years project to circumnavigate the earth motor less via the two poles. Find out more about what they’re up to here: /


Red Bull Illume to light up Sweden

Action, adventure and art come together from November 14th to 23rd in Gothenburg, Sweden, as the Red Bull Illume exhibition continues its worldwide tour. The seventh stop of the tour will feature an open-air exhibition in the heart of the city, with the top 50 images illuminated each night. 

Swedish photographer Elias Kunosson’s work will be among the Top 50 images displayed: “It feels great to have my photograph in the Red Bull Illume Exhibition Tour next to some of the biggest names in the action and adventure sports photography. Many of the finalists have been a great inspiration to me over the past years and some I follow regularly through various magazines, blogs and other social media,“ he says. 

Catch more info about the exhibition here


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