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Five new talents chosen for broncolor Gen NEXT

In its second edition, five more young talents have been selected as broncolor Gen NEXT ambassadors, and will be supported by the Swiss flashlight systems manufacturer for the next three years. The second generation of Gen NEXT members are Gonzaga Manso (ESP), Lauri Laukkanen (FIN), Anita Anti (UKR), Cristina Otero (ESP) and Yulia Gorbachenko (UKR), who stood out from competitors from all over the world with their exceptional work.

As Gen NEXT ambassadors, each photographer will receive broncolor equipment to the value of $24,000. Furthermore, they will be presented with the opportunity to showcase their work through broncolor’s worldwide channels as well as the project's blog,

Be sure to follow all the winners and their exciting projects as they put their new broncolor gear to work!

© Roberto Alegria

Taking a stylish skate tour on a cruise liner

Red Bull Illume photographer Roberto Alegria was recently part of a lucky crew that got to travel around the Mediterranean Sea on a big cruise ship, stopping and skating some of the most beautiful cities in the Mediterranean in some unexpectedly good spots. We chatted to Roberto to find out more…

Can you tell us a bit more about the project? 
The idea behind this project came from photographer and friend Gaston Francisco. It’s the first skateboarding tour on a boat so it was kind of crazy! In a normal skate tour you have to spend time driving from city to city and finding places to eat or sleep. The cruise tour was like a luxury tour – five star dinner, jacuzzi, sauna and all the time to enjoy it.

How has it been so far?
Better that we expected. To be honest it was one of the best tours that we ever had. The only bad thing was that we didn't have too much time to skate in each city. We had less than 6 hours so it was a bit stressful but on the other hand we had all the facilities offered by the cruise.

What's been the highlight so far?
The highlight was the unselfish help from the guides in different cities, you realize how the skateboarding scene can connect people that they have never met before and all just for the love of skateboarding! I would like to say thank you to everyone who make this trip possible!


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