Red Bull Illume Newsletter - July 03, 2017
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How it's Made: Bike on Bike Action

Falling into photography through writing and after a crash course shooting BMX with some of the world's biggest photographers, Ryan Fudger's passion for still images was triggered.

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Behind the Shot: Neon Wakeskate

Daniel Vojtech is known for pushing his photography to the limit, and he's come up with some mindbending imagery. For this shot, he combined 3D printing with wakeskating. Check the story behind the shot below!

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Climb through the Red Bull Illume years
Red Bull Illume 2010: Adam Kokot, Spirit category winner

Ever since Red Bull Illume started in 2007, it has been witness to some spectacular climbing imagery. So let's take a look at some of the coolest climbing photos that have made it into the final rounds throughout Red Bull Illume history!

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