Red Bull Illume Newsletter - January 16, 2017
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Killer shots
written on 11.01.2017

During the making of one image he wanted to kill the photographer. In another he was worried about killing himself. Senad Grosic gives us the lowdown of being the subject of Red Bull Illume winner Lorenz Holder’s Masterpiece by Yodobashi and Playground shots.

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Meet the star of THAT fall
written on 21.12.2016

South African climber Jamie Smith relives that fall – and explains why it’s important for photographers to capture moments like this.

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Why Ride - A Tribute to Life
written on 29.12.2016

After almost a year of hard work and planning, Lucho Vidales' Why Ride Project is nearing completion! Our partner broncolor caught up with him to talk about what went into getting this project off the ground.

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