Red Bull Illume Newsletter - May 02, 2016
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Red Bull Illume submission numbers you should know
written on 14.04.2016
Red Bull Illume 2010: Ricky Adam, Close Up category finalist

After receiving a record of 34,624 images, our judges have whipped out their monocles in search of the world’s greatest action and adventure sports photographs. See what they've found so far.

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Agustin Muñoz shoots mobile
written on 28.04.2016

Agustin Muñoz is best known for his work in the water, but the former Red Bull Illume finalist is also a fan of mobile photography. He tells us why.

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The Athlete's Perspective: Gee Atherton
written on 19.04.2016

Athletes and photographers have a very unique relationship. Legendary downhill rider Gee Atherton tells us in his own words why good action sport photographers rock – and why keeping it real is what matters most.

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