Red Bull Illume Newsletter - February 04, 2016
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  Red Bull Illume
A Guide to Action & Adventure Sports Photography
written on 04.02.2016
Red Bull Illume 2010: Chris Burkard, Illumination category winner

From how award-winning shots changed their lives to how to brave the elements, the brand new ‘Guide to Action and Adventure Sports Photography’ brings together some of the biggest Red Bull Illume names to talk about their experiences, their rise to fame within their field and what Red Bull Illume has meant for them.

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Category Spotlight: Enhance
written on 28.01.2016
Red Bull Illume 2013: Lorenz Holder, Experimental category winner

The Red Bull Illume Enhance category is a real opportunity for skilled retouchers to make their mark in the world’s greatest action and adventure sports contest.

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Shooting on iPhone with Craig Kolesky
written on 21.01.2016

Real photographers don’t use smartphones for their work, right? Wrong. Here’s why Red Bull photographer Craig Kolesky’s a big fan of his.

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