Red Bull Illume Newsletter - March 01, 2016
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Exploring Marcel Laemmerhirt's passion for Mobile
written on 18.02.2016

Marcel Laemmerhirt is passionate about using smartphones and thinks that the addition of a mobile category to Red Bull Illume was a great idea. Here he tells us why.

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Red Bull Illume: By the numbers
written on 25.02.2016
Red Bull Illume 2007, illumination, Gian Paul Lozza

In this new feature, Red Bull Illume takes a look at some of the interesting stats that have made up the contest since the first edition in 2007.

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The Illume Effect: Jimmy Wilson
written on 23.02.2016
Red Bull Illume 2013: Jimmy Wilson, Lifestyle category finalist

With his shot of Kelly Slater about to enter the water, Surfing magazine’s Jimmy Wilson nailed one of the 2013 Red Bull Illume’s most iconic images. He tells us why he’s instructed all his photographers at the magazine to enter this year’s contest in our continuing Illume Effect series.

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