Red Bull Illume Newsletter - March 14, 2016
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In A Flash: Photographing Skiers during a Solar Eclipse
written on 10.03.2016

From bright sunlight to extreme low light in a matter of minutes. Check out how photographer Reuben Krabbe photographed skiers during a full solar eclipse in Svalbard.

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Category Spotlight: Wings
written on 09.03.2016

The Red Bull Illume Wings category is all about showcasing super-creative shots of athletes getting air. Cliff diving, massive half-pipe airs – if it’s high-up, it belongs in Wings.

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How 5 stats can help you win Red Bull Illume
written on 03.03.2016
Red Bull Illume 2010: Josh Letchworth, Illumination category finalist

Want to make sure your photos get the attention they deserve? We’ve compiled 5 stats that stood out in previous competitions to give you that extra edge.

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