G-Technology is a leader in providing storage solutions that simplify even the most complex creative workflows. From their rugged line of products used for capture and transfer to their Studio line used for edit and archive, G-Technology products are designed to keep you working anytime, anywhere, with best-in-class throughput and maximum reliability. www.g-technology.com


With their new product Move 1200L, broncolor is a perfect match for Red Bull Illume. Delivering the perfect lightweight mobile power pack, broncolor allows adventurous outdoor photographers to bring their flash systems with them no matter how challenging the conditions. www.broncolor.com


Tamrac designs and builds carry solutions for photographers seeking adventure. Inspired and named after a pine tree in the American wilderness, Tamrac carries its name with pride and continues to draw inspiration from the mountains and deserts of Utah. Tamrac builds camera bags that protect photographers' gear whereever their adventure takes them. www.tamrac.com

Wings for Life

The Wings for Life Spinal Cord Research Foundation is a privately funded non-profit organization which follows the principal aim of promoting research worldwide in order to expedite scientific and clinical progress towards a putative cure for Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Paralysis. www.wingsforlife.com