SanDisk prizes for Red Bull Illume Winners

SanDisk prizes for Red Bull Illume Winners

The winners of this year’s Image Quest will not only receive praise and be honored, they will also be awarded a series of great prizes by Red Bull Illume sponsors - including SanDisk, the renowned manufacturer of storage devices.

Every photographer with a photo in the final 50 images of the competition will receive one SanDisk Extreme Pro 64GB Flashcard, while category winners receive 10 each.

The overall winner will enjoy a year’s supply of 20 SanDisk Extreme Pro 64GB Flashcards, in addition to a Leica S2 camera and equipment to the value of €30,000.

SanDisk Extreme Pro memory cards are designed for professional photographers and are known as the world’s fastest high-capacity memory cards. They feature an advanced memory controller enabling read and write speeds of up to 90MB/s.

With storage capacities ranging from 16GB to 64GB, SanDisk Extreme Pro Flashcards also allow for extended shooting without having to reload. For more information check out SanDisk’s website at

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RAW, unscripted and untouched – a moment with Krystle Wright

The RAW category stripped everything back to the fundamentals of photography and this was ideal for semi-finalist Krystle Wright. She tells us how she considers every inch of the frame in-camera, so she can do less work out of it!

© Krystle Wright / Red Bull Illume

Another new category in the Image Quest 2019 that was open to huge interpretation was the RAW category. We spoke to Krystle Wright to get a photographer’s view on the challenge that was set, how best to overcome it, and what it feels like to have an image published that has come straight out of camera!

Now you’re a semi-finalist, describe what the ‘RAW’ Category means to you…

When I first began in photography, my thought process behind certain images was that I could always tidy it up later, whether that was applying a small crop or enhancing the curves. One of my mentors quickly stamped out this lazy habit and taught me that a great photographer is one who can shoot as much in frame as possible and therefore minimalist editing would be needed aside from the fact a RAW image must always be processed. The RAW category I believe embodies the spirit of photography and documentary where I wish only to be a 'fly on the wall' and document moments that unfold in front of me and shoot with the conscious thinking to consider every inch that I decide to frame in that moment. 

In your words, what type of photographer are you?

I often find myself describing my work as an artist. From working as a photojournalist and seeking out the unscripted natural moment, I also work as an artist by collaborating with athletes at times to create specific ideas, and therefore a scripted moment. I enjoy the challenges of working on these two particularly opposing methods.  

How does it feel to have a completely un-edited image published?

I think it’s a great initiative as it strips away any distractions and returns to the foundation. I appreciate all the forms of photography and the unlimited imagination that individual artists bring to the table. I think the greatest images that have resonated with me the most are moments that feel raw, unscripted and appear as if they are untouched. 

What was the biggest challenge in capturing this photo?

It had been 5 years since my tandem paragliding accident in northern Pakistan. I had long dreamed of returning and wanting to fly back above the majestic Karakoram Range. During our three week stay in Hushé, the weather pattern this time was much more volatile and making it increasingly difficult to successfully get into thermals and soar above the Karakoram. This was the only day we were able to stay in the sky all afternoon and as the sun began to lower, I was just in an ecstatic state watching the dramatic shadows grow and capturing my friends Tom De Dorlodot, Horacio Llorens and Hernan Pitocco fly in such magic light. There is so much out of my control when flying in a tandem paraglider. Ferdi Van Schleven is an incredible pilot to work with as I lack the skills to fly solo but also the reality that I am far too excited to be taking images when I am in the sky. I would describe to him where I wanted to be in relation to the other pilots but a lot of it comes down to luck that we line up in the right place and the right time. There were many images in this sequence where Tom is lost in the frame but this one stands out. 

Do you shoot analogue, or are you regularly making images that require less digital enhancement?

I work with my Canon digital cameras as I learned in the era when everything was switching over to digital. However, I do dream to source a film camera that I can work with when I feel the freedom to create without any expectations or involvement from clients and create just to create. Plus returning to film would also force me to work on skills and not rely on the latest technology. Even though I will always have my digital camera, I find myself throughout my career in wanting to experiment and change things up from time to time to see whether it alters my creative process. But ultimately as I work with digital, I desire to do minimalist digital enhancement as it means less time on the computer. 

Do you always have your camera with you?

No, not always. It’s quite often that I miss moments that I feel the desire to capture in a photograph, however I also want to be selfish and keep that image entirely to myself. Sure, there is the chance I will forget this moment since the memory works in weird and wonderful ways. But I love those days when a memory spontaneously comes back to me and I don't believe in sharing every single special moment. Some are meant to be held close to the heart. 

What’s next for you, and where can we find more of your work?

I'm excited to wind down after a rollercoaster of a year. I realize that I need to create more space and downtime in my life in order to be more creative and develop bigger ideas to pursue. I am excited for 2020 and to continue to evolve as an artist. 

Discover more of Krystle’s work on:
IG: @krystlejwright 

Fun without filter! These are the RAW category semi-finalists

The brand new category for images straight out of camera threw up some big surprises, and incredible results! Check out the 20 images that made it to the semi-final stage.

© Ben Thouard / Red Bull Illume

These are the semi-finalists of the brand new RAW category; straight out of camera, un-cropped, un-touched, no filter and forever enshrined in the Top 260 of the Image Quest 2019! With only 2 weeks to go until the 5 finalists and 1 category winner are revealed at the Winner Award Ceremony, we present to you the 20 phenomenal images from that almost made it, but are champions in their own right!

Here is the full list of RAW category semi-finalists for 2019:

Sterling Lorence
Ben Thouard
Anthony Smith
Grant Gunderson
Krystle Wright
Nic Alegre
Matteo Pavana
Sofia Sjöberg
Robert Garo
Alex Buisse
Paris Gore
Gaston Francisco
Tristan Shu
Oskar Enander
Elliott Bernhagen
Vana Isa
Christian Gisi
Ben Herndon

These 20 photographers made it to the semi-final stage of the Image Quest 2019, however 5 photographers went even further! Tune in to the Winner Award Ceremony on November 20, 2019 to find out who the 5 finalists from the RAW and all other categories, the 11 category winners and 1 overall winner of the world’s greatest adventure and action sports imagery contest are!

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Moving mountains with Matteo Mocellin!

Matteo tells us how it feels to be one of the first ever semi-finalists of the new Moving Image category, and how working with athletes inspires him to push further as both a photographer and a climber!

© Matteo Mocellin

One of the most exciting things about the Image Quest 2019 was the new categories. For the first time, the Moving Image category offered content creators the chance to make the Top 260 with dynamic short videos of any kind. To keep it in the spirit of photography, entrants were allowed only one take!

We caught up with semi-finalist Matteo Mocellin to find out what the main challenges were and how he overcame them!

The ‘Moving Image’ Category was new to the Image Quest 2019; how does it feel to be a semi-finalist? 

Moving Images are not far from photography, to me they are like an extended picture. You can describe a moment in a different way, particularly in adventure and action sports. To be a semi-finalist in this new category makes me so enthusiastic. I’m excited to see my take alongside other great images from the world of outdoor creativity!

Your IG feed is all still photography, how do you describe yourself?

Good question. I started my career as a nature photographer, but in working on outdoor productions I began to understand that the relationships with athletes are the most important part of my work. If you want to take a good image, you have to be part of the project, a friend of the athletes and enjoy your work every time. 

Where did the idea for your semi-finalist video come from? 

The idea of the drone shot come from North3 – the project by Salewa. It followed Simon Gietl and Vittorio Messini climbing three iconic mountains in the Alps connecting them by foot and bicycle in only 47-hours! I took the image on the Cima Piccola di Lavaredo during an epic weather moment :) It was incredible to see them climbing that wall after the rain!

Salewa was decisive in the outcome, supporting the project as main sponsor and organizing the logistics during the transfer of the athletes between the mountains.

Does this increase your motivation to make more videos in the future? 

For me not only as a photographer, but also as a climber, following such inspirational athletes makes me super motivated to tell new stories and be part of more projects like that in the future!

Tell us about any future projects we should look out for?

Salewa is growing it’s support for new and young European athletes with really cool climbing projects and with Storyteller-Labs we're going to follow them.

In some mountain festivals around the world our movie ‘Playing with the invisible’ is coming out; a film about flying in the Dolomites with Aaron Durogati. soon also in the Salewa network!

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Discovering killer locations in local newspapers!

Is there a big future for BMX in ice caves? That remains to be seen. One thing is for sure; Vegard Aasen had the vision to make it happen and his ingenuity landed him a spot as one of the semi-finalists of the Image Quest 2019 in the Playground category!

© Vegard Byrkjeland Aasen / Red Bull Illume

Every once in a while, Vegard Aasen grabs his best friend Knut-Hendrik Lajord Snitjer, his Sony a7rii and heads out on a ‘jobby’. The combination of ‘job’ and ‘hobby’ is a platform on which Vegard can create serious images while having fun in newly discovered locations. This is what the Playground category is all about! And that’s what made him a semi-finalist of the category this year.

Check out our interview with Vegard below to find out more…

Now you’re a semi-finalist, describe what the ‘Playground’ Category means to you…

Playgrounds means a lot to me. I love to show the landscapes surrounding the action, and not just the action. My personal favorites are always photos that show both, so I´m really glad I made it to the semi-finals in this category!

How did you discover the location for your semi-finalist shot?

I found this one in the local newspaper! Not the place I usually find locations. The entrance to the cave became visible for the first time this spring. The glaciers in this area are retreating, but some of the ice was hidden inside a moraine, and was protected from further melting. A group of skiers found it, and sent some photos to the local news. I knew that this was a ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity to see an ice cave like this in our region, so me and some friends went to check it out. The cave was insane! 

You described this day as a ‘jobby’ – do you carry much gear on such a day? What’s in the bag?

It is a remote location, so yeah, it was a lot of gear. We brought two cameras with different lenses (did a bit of filming in there as well), a few flashes, gear for a day in the mountains, safety equipment (not always safe inside a cave like that), and a BMX... It was about 4.5km from to road to the cave, so we tried to minimize the weight of what we carried, but we always end up with more than we planned for. 

Do you see a big future for BMX in ice caves?

Yes, absolutely! I think we will see X-games inside ice caves in the future. It is so nice to just ride around in there! Not.

What motivates you to get out there and find new playgrounds?

I´m always searching for something unique. I want to create something that no one has seen before. I want people to say ‘WOW’ when they see my photos for the first time. For me, the playground is the biggest ‘wow-factor’ in a photo like this. I love to put action sports into spectacular landscapes, like the ice cave. I need those spectacular playgrounds to create unique photos. I also love to search for new playgrounds. Location scouting is one of the best parts in a project like this! I went to the ice cave twice. The first time we went we spent more than two hours in there, just wandering around exploring the cave.

The race is on to find unique locations, what advice would you give to anyone that is out there searching for new places to shoot?

Because of social media sites like Instagram and Facebook, it is easier than ever to find new locations. You don´t even have to search, they just pop up in the newsfeed on Instagram... Many of the locations I´ve found are on there, but most of my photos starts with an idea, and then I start searching for the perfect location. I´m spending a lot of time studying maps, searching for photos online, and going to those places to see if they will work. The light has to work as well. Finding the right time to shoot is essential. If possible, you should always go to the location in advance to figure out how you want to shoot it.

Your ultimate location to shoot?

I think it has to be somewhere north in winter. I want to build a big kicker, and shoot someone doing a huge trick with the fjord/ocean and alpine peaks in the background, while the Northern Lights are dancing above us.

Where can we find you in the coming months?

In November you´ll find me in the office, drinking coffee and editing videos. From December until May, hopefully in the mountains skiing powder! Maybe you´ll find me in a sick location far north, with alpine peaks, the ocean, and Northern Lights everywhere!

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Where photographers and athletes play - here are the Playground semi-finalists!

We continue our reveal of the images that made it to the Top 260 of the Image Quest 2019. This week, it’s the turn of the Playground category!

© Erik Gross / Red Bull Illume

The Playground category is a dedicated category for epic images showcasing not only the athlete, but the landscapes, locations, platforms and environments in which they play. To many people, seeking out new spots in which to perform and capture is the very essence of adventure and action sports photography. As usual, the results are pretty spectacular - see them for yourself right here!

Here is the full list of Playground category semi-finalists in 2019:

Steve Shannon
Austin Jackson
Karim Iliya
Simon Bischoff
Dave Trumpore
Marc Daviet
Piotrek Deska
Robert Garo
Guy Fattal
Jb Liautard
Kamil Sustiak
Erik Gross
Ale Di Lullo
Brian Nevins
Nathan Hughes
Lorenz Holder
Bruno Long
Chris Burkard
Vegard Aasen
Miloš Štáfek

These 20 photographers made it to the semi-final stage of the Image Quest 2019, however 5 photographers went even further! Tune in to the Winner Award Ceremony on November 20, 2019 to see the 5 finalists from each category, the 11 category winners and 1 overall winner of the world’s greatest adventure and action sports imagery contest unveiled.

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Behind the lens and beyond the boundaries with Filip Zuan

We caught up with Masterpiece by EyeEm category double semi-finalist Filip Zuan to talk concepts, locations and the inspiration behind his photography!

© Filip Zuan / Red Bull Illume

With not one but two images in the making it to the semi-finalist stage of the Image Quest 2019 in the Masterpiece by EyeEm category, we wanted to find out a little more about the person behind the lens. Filip’s images take intriguing concepts to extraordinary locations and produce beautiful results that perfectly match the description of the category.

Read the interview to discover more!

Now you’re a semi-finalist, describe what the ‘Masterpiece by EyeEm’ Category means to you…

Absolutely humbled to be selected! Especially considering the volume of images submitted this time around… Masterpiece by EyeEm was the category that first attracted me to the contest, so it feels even better!

How would you describe yourself as a photographer?

I like to see myself as a silent observer, pushing the limits with a simple, raw and honest approach. But it’s up to the spectator to pin me!

Talk us through the process for both shots – did you find the location first, then have the idea? Or the other way around?

It really can go both ways; from having a concept/location and try to make it come to life. Or just go with the flow. Both shots that got selected were on the spontaneous side of things and not premeditated.

Living in the Swiss alps, the winters are long and you have to get creative. We had been dabbling with the idea to skateboard on ice for a few years, but it never really happened … Eventually, my good friend Ivo (pictured) found a way to make it work and off we were. Pure fun run & gun session on the cold, frozen lakes in the middle of the Swiss alps.

We were on a trip with the Doodah crew (a Swiss shop). Timmy had been playing with this spot for a while, did a few sweepers on the edge and then went straight to the signature frontside flip. You can feel when everything aligns and something special happens. That frontside flip was simply perfect: the skating, the spot, the light and the execution. Definitely one to remember.

Who are your biggest influences in photography?

It might sound cliché, but life is my biggest influence. Family, people, culture, travel, music, art and the mash of it all makes my persona and ultimately my photography what it is. I admire photographers with a clear vision and uncompromising approach - Boogie, Brian Gaberman, Ben Thouard, Anton Corbijn, Stephen Vanasco, my good friend Sergio Villalba… there are so many people putting out great work…

Any athlete you would love to shoot with?

I love to work with athletes who have a good sense and understanding for photography and the big picture of concepts. When the athlete and photographer are in sync, the magic happens. It would be amazing to shoot with Brandon Semenuk or Mark Suciu!

When not shooting sports, what type of photography are you most into?

Besides sports, it would have to be people. I really enjoy shooting portraits and getting to know new people and their stories. I love to shoot my kids; it’s pure & unfiltered life! But really it can be anything from travel, outdoors, commercial assignments or editorials… if it feels right, I’ll shoot!

How did you discover Red Bull Illume?

I have been following Red Bull Illume since the early beginnings. It always is a huge source of inspiration and reflection of the current state of adventure and action sports photography.

Where can our readers find you in the coming months?

Real life - after a summer full of adventures I am wrapping up the last projects and will be spending some quality time with my family back home in the Swiss Alps. Winter is just around the corner and I got some interesting projects lined up. On the digital side of things, feel free to browse: / IG: @filipzuan

Feast your eyes on the Masterpiece by EyeEm semi-finalists!

This week, it’s the turn of the category that blurs the lines between adventure and action sports and fine art photography: The Masterpiece by EyeEm category!

© Florian Ledoux / Red Bull Illume

Introducing the 20 images that made it to the semi-final stage of the Masterpiece by EyeEm category! Get blown-away by the photographers’ artistic skill and unique styles. It’s a category that calls for the best shot, the image that represents the art of adventure and action sports. It’s about more than just the moment of action, but also about how the photographers transform these moments into masterpieces.

Here is the full list of Masterpiece by EyeEm semi-finalists for 2019:

Jan Kasl
JB Liautard
Stu Gibson
Peter Cirilli
Ken Etzel
Matteo Pavana
Daniel Bernstål
Florian Ledoux
Ydwer van der Heide
Filip Zuan
Kamil Sustiak
Jeremiah Watt
Nils Ohlendorf
Lorenz Holder
Wayne Reiche
Leo Cittadella
Erik Boomer
Fred Murray
Sterling Lorence

The anticipation is building as the Red Bull Illume Image Quest 2019 commences the four-week countdown to the Winner Award Ceremony on November 20, 2019. Mark this night in red in your calendars because at the LUMEN – Museum of Mountain Photography, 2,275m above sea level, the 11 category winners and 1 overall winner of the world’s greatest adventure and actions sports imagery contest will be announced from 6pm (CET) onwards and viewers will be able to follow the occasion on our social media channels.

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Jan Kozak proves that anything is possible!

How does a self-taught, ‘hobby’ photographer make it to the Top 260 of the world’s greatest action and adventure sports imagery contest? Read our interview with Creative by Skylum category semi-finalist Jan Kozak to find out!

© Jan Kozak / Red Bull Illume

Everybody loves an overnight success story, and this one definitely falls into that category. The purchase of a new camera just over a year ago was the catalyst for Jan Kozak to start taking his photography more seriously. Days watching YouTube tutorials, and nights out shooting with friends paid off big time as his image will now be seen across the world as part of the Image Quest 2019.

To call his success ‘overnight’ should not take away from the perseverance, courage and willingness to take risks that landed him this shot. The only person that can tell the full story properly is Jan, so check out the interview below!

How does it feel to be a semi-finalist of the ‘Creative by Skylum’ category?

It’s absolutely amazing, if somebody had told me I would get this far when I first started considering entering the competition, I would have thought they are crazy. I’m happy to be a semi-finalist in the Creative by Skylum category. This alone is a huge success!

Did you have this composition in mind before shooting? Or did you see the frames and think of the idea afterwards?

I had the composition in my mind before shooting and I wanted to make a sequence photo but a little differently. When I saw this place for the first time I knew it was the right spot. The only time-consuming part was to set up the lights and flashes, everything else was relatively easy thanks to my friends’ help.

Did you climb the tree yourself to set up the camera?

Yes, I used a big ladder, and fixed the camera at about 7-meters high. When I went up the first time I couldn’t believe what I got myself into, but at the end of the shoot and after multiple trips up and down the ladder, it had become routine.

It was really tricky to fix the camera, I had to use a ratchet strap and attached a monopod to the tree. Once the camera was mounted on the monopod, I could no longer move it. In the end it was worth it, I got a nice view of all the jumps and the photo has a nice perspective.

I couldn't use the camera viewfinder, but from this high vantage point it wasn’t really needed. It was very easy to catch the right moment and some tricks we even shot on the first attempt. Out of 20 photos from the shoot I really only used 6 of them, which is nice for post-production.

How long does the editing process take for a shot like this?

Haha, it takes about half a day in the parking lot at Fort William! After a morning riding in the bike park I started editing. Why did I edit in a car-park? The photoshoot took place shortly before my vacation, so short on time I used the only location available… retrospectively it is a funny memory that only adds more to the photo. 

Are you trained in post-production, or did you teach yourself?

Absolutely not. Everything I know about post production is self-taught, mostly from YouTube videos. Using editing software is nice but for me it's more important to do as much in-camera as possible during the shoot; nailing the lighting, using only necessary flash and hitting the right spots… without a good base there is no point in post-production.

How did you discover Red Bull Illume?

The first time I came across Red Bull Illume was on Instagram, I don’t know exactly when but it was a couple of years ago. I loved the photos I saw, but that’s about it. I never imagined being a part of that. Last year I bought my first camera – a Sony a7 III - and began shooting more. That autumn me and my friend Dan, a rider, made our first night photo shoot. When I read that the Image Quest 2019 was starting, I knew I wanted to participate. 

You made it into the Top 25 of the Best of Instagram by SanDisk category, did this give you confidence to enter the main contest?

The Best of Instagram by SanDisk nomination happened unexpectedly, it was both surprising and very exciting! However, I knew long before that I wanted to enter the main contest. 

What’s next for you, and where can we find more of your work?

I want to make some more night projects, find new locations give the photos a new perspective. For a long time now, I have been thinking about trying winter project but so far, I haven’t found the right opportunity. I’d like to travel more, especially with my camera.

To see more of Jan's work, check out his website and follow him on Instagram!

Introducing the first ever semi-finalists of the new Moving Image category!

Images are no longer only standing still. That’s why we introduced the Moving Image category for the Image Quest 2019. These creators had just one take to produce a video sequence between 5 and 30 seconds, and the results are spectacular!

© Pierre Henni / Red Bull Illume

Here are the 20 semi-finalists of the new Moving Image category. These creators mastered the challenge and created sequences that are action-packed, evocative and at times gripping. To save your clicks, we have combined all 20 clips into one amazing video. So, take a seat because the Moving Image semi-finalists may have you on the edge of it by the time you’re done!

Here is the full list of Moving Image semi-finalists for 2019:

Steve Storey
Philipp Reinhard
Seppi Schollerbr
Aleksander Osmalek
Matteo Mocellin
Pierre Henni
Laurence Crossman-Emms
Vit Hasek
Markus Anders
Fabian Lentsch
Leo Cittadella
Ondra Eliasek
Rupert Walker
Phil Pham
Darren McCullough

On November 20, 2019 the 60 finalists, 11 category winners and 1 overall winner will be announced at the Winner Award Ceremony. See all the action live from wherever you are by hitting the links below!

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The category where anything goes! Here are the Creative by Skylum semi-finalists

A blank canvas for photographers and content creators everywhere. This is the category where we celebrate the most inventive, extraordinary and surreal image edits in the adventure and action sports photography world!

© Evgeny Pavlov / Red Bull Illume

The 20 semi-finalists in the category without boundaries have been revealed. That’s right, it’s the Creative by Skylum Category. In Skylum, we found the perfect partner for the category where image editing rules are set aside and digital enhancements or darkroom alterations are encouraged. We removed the boundaries, so that photographers can push them and create edits that are both mind-blowing and beautiful!

Huge congratulations go out to these photographers! Their images made it to the Top 260 out of nearly 60,000 submissions and will be in the limited-edition coffee table book and on the website.

Here is the full list of Creative by Skylum Category semi-finalists for 2019:

Brendon Fidek
Eric Yip
Leo Zhukov
Markus Berger
Evgeny Pavlov
David Jaramillo
Ivaylo Donchev
Alexey Shabanov
Alex Buisse
Jonathan Ferreira
Stef Candé
Daniel Vojtech
Petr Polách
Denis Klero
Dan Krauss
Leo Francis
Jan Pelikán
Jan Kozak
Hannes Mautner
Michał Gałczyński

On November 20, 2019 the 60 finalists, 11 category winners and 1 overall winner will be announced at the Winner Award Ceremony. For those not in attendance, we have a seat for you! Follow all the action live from wherever you are by hitting the links below!

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