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Red Bull Illume photographer Tim Kemple recently had the honor of one of his shots being nominated Extreme Photo of the week for National Geographic Adventure. Kemple was part of a team shooting rapids and waterfalls in Mexico with kayakers Tyler Bradt and Erik Boomer.

The photographer’s shot of Bradt plunging over Tomata 1 near Tlapacoyan was taken as the photographer dangled from a zipline stretched across the waterfall.

“We could have touched the paddlers as they went by,” Tim Kemple told National Geographic: “We were literally dangling a few feet away from the lip of the waterfall.”

“The idea of this vertigo-inducing view, looking straight down a waterfall, was definitely one of those shots that we talked about before arriving in Mexico. That became the challenge: How could we use light, perspective, and creativity to capture images that people hadn't seen anywhere before?” Kemple told the online magazine.
The photographer was part of a team of talented filmmakers who have produced the film, Cascada.
Kemple added: “Kayaking waterfalls is a one-take situation. It’s hard to believe Tomata 1 is only one-third the height of the biggest waterfall Tyler has run. We hadn't met before the trip, but I can honestly say that I can't wait for my next adventure with Tyler.”
Kemple used a Phase One 645DF+ with IQ180 digital back and 28mm lens at 1/1600th shutter.

© Tim Kemple

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7 reasons to go to photokina

If you’re a photographer, you don’t want to miss photokina. It’s the world’s biggest photo trade show and from 16-21 of September, the who’s who of photography descend upon Cologne. Here are seven reasons why you should be there:

-    Red Bull Illume exhibition – of course we had to include ourselves. Our exhibition is nearby at the Rhinepromenade, so swing by and meet a number of Top 50 finalists! Our limited edition Top 250 photo book will also be on sale at the exhibition. We’ll also be at Nord Boulevard A9/13 in photokina – this is the special ‘action’ area – so if you drop by, this is the zone you’re looking for!

-    Young photographers can look forward to finding out more about broncolor Gen NEXT – a new project where broncolor kits out talented young photographers with the best lighting gear for photography and videography. (broncolor can be found in 4.1)

-    Leica will occupy the whole of Hall 1 – as usual you can expect some interesting releases and an amazing exhibition!

-    Red Bull Photography will be there and for action sports photographers this is your chance to meet & greet and find out what it takes to become a Red Bull shooter!

-    Find out about the latest accessories from SUN-SNIPER & Sunbounce. You can be sure you’ll be able to handle the latest and greatest! (Both teams can also be found in 4.1).

-    Rumour has it there is a new Nikon designed purely for action sports photographers. Why not get a first glimpse?

-    Meet other action sports photographers – it’s a great chance to network and discuss the latest in  photography. There will be a ton of live shoot demonstrations, talks, product releases and fascinating insight into the future of action sports photography!

We hope to see you there!

© Carlo Cruz / Red Bull Content Pool

Yet another good reason to go to photokina…

The Red Bull Illume exhibition will touch down in Cologne, Germany during the week of the photokina photography expo. From September 15 - 21 the Top 50 images will be displayed in a dazzling nighttime exhibition along the Rheinau Harbor. Visitors can stroll through the free public exhibition and take in the life-size, illuminated light boxes from 7pm to 11pm. The exhibition will be accompanied by a music set played by DJ Teams Creme Flash.

If you’re a photography enthusiast and wondering whether or not to go to photokina, you now have no excuse! Find more info about the exhibition here, and join the Facebook event here.

© Keith Ladzinski - "Walking on Clouds" - Outdoor Sports & Activities

Adventure Photography Lights Up Great Outdoors Photo Contest

Recently the winners of PDN magazine’s 2014 Great Outdoors photography competition were revealed, and the finalists included a number of Red Bull Illume photographers. Jimmy Chin, Michael Clark and Keith Ladzinski all landed top spots in the contest under the ‘Outdoor Sports & Activities’ category. 

You can enjoy a selection of stunning action sports and adventure photography from the contest in the accompanying gallery. Click here to see the full gallery of winners on the contest website. 

© Jimmy Chin - "Alex Honnold" - Outdoor Sports & Activities
© Michael Clark - "Ouray Ice" - Outdoor Sports & Activities
© Ryan T. Foley - "Aholehole and Friends" - Beaches Islands & Underwater
© Giordano Cipriani - "Enigma" - Beaches Islands & Underwater

Arctic Surf Photography with Chris Burkard

Red Bull Illume photographer Chris Burkard has featured in an inspiring short film about shooting in some of the harshest conditions in the natural world. The film covers Burkard’s journey with pro surfers Patrick Millin, Brett Barley and Chadd Konig as they brave sub-zero temperatures in the Arctic Circle. For action sports and adventure photographers, these mental and physical challenges are what it’s all about and this film is a beautiful showcase of the risks and rewards. 

Visit Burkard’s website for more inspiring photography. 

DIY Tube Light with Markus Berger

Action sports photographer Markus Berger, the photographer in Red Bull Illume's 'Reinventing Winter Sports Action Photography' video, has starred in the above video, "7 DIY Photography Tips Using Household Objects" by COOPH. Interestingly, one of the tips in the video is to use a cheap tube light, which is what Berger used for some of the portraits he shot during the winter action sports shoot. 

"I got a lot of questions about the tube light, so it was cool to demonstrate it again in this video. You can pick up a light like this at most hardware or Walmart style stores, add a plug and a bit of tape and you're good to go!" says Berger.

In the gallery, you can see some of the final shots he has produced with the tube light – as well as see how the DIY tube light was put together – a creative solution to have on hand if you're looking to mix it up in the studio!  

Check out Berger's website & Facebook for more.

@ Markus Berger / Red Bull Content PoolCOOPH
@ Markus Berger / Red Bull Content PoolCOOPH
@ Markus Berger / Red Bull Content PoolCOOPH
@ Markus Berger / Red Bull Content PoolCOOPH
@ Markus BergerCOOPH
@ Markus BergerCOOPH


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