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Red Bull Illume photographer Tim Kemple recently had the honor of one of his shots being nominated Extreme Photo of the week for National Geographic Adventure. Kemple was part of a team shooting rapids and waterfalls in Mexico with kayakers Tyler Bradt and Erik Boomer.

The photographer’s shot of Bradt plunging over Tomata 1 near Tlapacoyan was taken as the photographer dangled from a zipline stretched across the waterfall.

“We could have touched the paddlers as they went by,” Tim Kemple told National Geographic: “We were literally dangling a few feet away from the lip of the waterfall.”

“The idea of this vertigo-inducing view, looking straight down a waterfall, was definitely one of those shots that we talked about before arriving in Mexico. That became the challenge: How could we use light, perspective, and creativity to capture images that people hadn't seen anywhere before?” Kemple told the online magazine.
The photographer was part of a team of talented filmmakers who have produced the film, Cascada.
Kemple added: “Kayaking waterfalls is a one-take situation. It’s hard to believe Tomata 1 is only one-third the height of the biggest waterfall Tyler has run. We hadn't met before the trip, but I can honestly say that I can't wait for my next adventure with Tyler.”
Kemple used a Phase One 645DF+ with IQ180 digital back and 28mm lens at 1/1600th shutter.

© Tim Kemple

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© Marcelo Maragni for Wings for Life World Run

Last chance to sign up for 2015 Wings For Life World Run

It’s your last chance to sign up for the 2015 Wings For Life World Run on May 3! It’s a worthy cause that the action sports and adventure photography community can identify with and 100% of the proceeds go to Wings for Life, funding spinal cord research projects all over the world. We ask all photographers, athletes and members of our community to join the Red Bull Illume team in signing up!

The Wings For Life World Run has an exciting and unique race format: thirty minutes after the athletes start, a catcher car will begin to follow. Driving slowly first but increasing its speed at given periods in time, the catcher car is the moving finish line. Equipped with electronic sensors, the catcher car will pass the athletes, registering their digital chips on its way to the leaders. The last athlete to be caught worldwide will be the global champion! 

Online registration closes on April 28 at 11 am UTC. NOTE: In some countries you can pay to enter the race on the day. Registrations will be available until two hours before the race starts, so visit the website to see if your nearest location still has available tickets.

The Red Bull Illume team is proud to support Wings for Life with a percentage of proceeds from our Top 250 hardcover photobooks, and now we ask you to join us and lets run together! 

© Adam Kokot

Hanging Out with Adam Kokot

Red Bull Illume photographer Adam Kokot recently got back from a great shoot in Reguchillo, Spain and took the accompanying gallery of spectacular shots. Adam spent few days shooting in Reguchillo with Polish climber Adam Karpierz and his friends, Neftali de Miguel and Jose Martin.

Adam explains how it all went down:
“The idea came to me as soon as I saw the Reguchillo rocks. The terrain beneath the wall allowed me to take photos from the ground, which made the whole thing much easier for me. All we needed to do was to find a perfect route to create the shot where the climber would be silhouetted against the sky.

However the sun caused trouble as it was shining really brightly the whole day and then just went down behind the nearby mountain, leaving the valley darkened in a few minutes. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to seize the perfect moment the fist time, so we came back the next day to catch the last sunbeams of the setting sun!”

Adam Kokot is supported by Phottix and a member of Phottix Pro team. Be sure to visit his website and find him on Facebook.

© Adam Kokot
© Adam Kokot
© Adam Kokot
© Adam Kokot
© Adam Kokot
© Adam Kokot
© Alexandre Buisse

Alex Buisse nails prestigious HIPA award

Red Bull Illume photographer Alex Buisse recently won a prestigious HIPA award. Buisse won 4th place in the Night Photography category for his shot of athletes Jen Olson and Aurélien Vaissière climbing a frozen waterfall on Lau Bij.

Flown business class to Dubai and put up in a five-star hotel, no expense was spared for the winning photographers: “The prizegiving was incredible and I received the award in person from the Crown Prince of Dubai,” says Buisse.

However Buisse had trouble persuading guests at the prize-giving that it was in fact a frozen waterwall: “It was funny how all the locals had trouble comprehending the very idea of a frozen waterfall and kept insisting it must have been taken in a cave!”

Visit HIPA’s website here and be sure to keep an eye out for future contests.

© Markus Berger

Get in on an action sports photography workshop!

Looking to join an actions sport photography workshop with a pro? There are plenty of workshops happening around the globe so we’ve done a little round-up…

Markus Berger Leica Akademie Masterclass (Austria)
Interested in attending an action sports photography workshop in Austria?
Join Markus Berger at the Leica Camera Akademie Action Sports Master Class presented by COOPH. You can book your place here

Michael Clark Seminar (Boston, USA)
Michael Clark will be in Boston on March 22 giving a seminar for the National Geographic Traveler Photography Seminars on Outdoor Adventure Photography.
If you are interested in Adventure Photography this half-day seminar will cover a lot of ground and be quite entertaining as well. You can register here

Ray Demski Workshop (Munich, Germany)
Ray Demski will host a photography workflow and storage end on March 27 at 13:30 at the MacConsult Munich. 

Chris Burkard workshop (Portland, USA)
Chris Burkard is hosting a photography workshop at The Clymb's HQ in Portland, OR on March 28 - 29. There’s a Facebook contest for a free place, check it out here

Last chance for young photographers to enter broncolor Gen NEXT!

Are you a photographer under 30 looking for your big career break? Well, look no further – broncolor Gen NEXT is a contest searching for young photographers with exceptional talent and creative vision to become broncolor Gen NEXT ambassadors. You’ll need to enter this weekend though… the contest closes on Monday, March 2nd! 

To be enter the contest, photographers simply need to upload three of their most inspiring images to the official contest website. The contest is open to submissions from photographers worldwide who are under the age of 30. Entries close on March 2nd, 2015 and winners will be announced by April 21st. Prizes include $24,000 worth of cutting-edge broncolor gear, which is a total game-changer so good luck! 


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