Whether you are an amateur or professional photographer, young content creator, social media enthusiast or a videographer – there is a category for you! Categories are influential in the judges selection – so choosing the right one is essential!

Below you see the categories that photographers in the Image Quest 2021 could submit to. 

To find out how to submit, go here!


Best of Instagram by Lenovo New for 2021: Submit Photo & Video

bes19 000002 5 web
© Dasha Nosova / Red Bull Illume

Images submitted on your Instagram Feed - present your most gram-worthy moments of show-stopping adventure and action sports. Stuff so cool we have to stop scrolling. It can be a photo or moving image up to 60 seconds.

Creative by Skylum

cre 180826 1740 org web
© Denis Klero / Red Bull Illume

Images that have been enhanced digitally or in the darkroom through alterations made in the production or digital editing process. This is an open category, so anything goes!

Emerging by Black Diamond

eme 215414 4638 org web
© Mathis Dumas / Red Bull Illume

A fresh approach offers new angles. The up-and-coming category is for rising talents to compete on similar footing – submissions accepted only from photographers 25 years old or less. Show us your greatest capture!

Energy by Red Bull Photography

ene 015551 2586 org web
© Ben Thouard / Red Bull Illume

Images that demonstrate the force that powers an action and show the energy, speed and strength required for an athlete to perform.

Innovation by EyeEm

inn 084621 3463 org web
© Daniel Bernstål / Red Bull Illume

Images that reveal a unique angle, a visual idea, a different format, light and flash effects... something never seen before!

Lifestyle by COOPH

lif 114125 911 org web
© Alexander Wick / Red Bull Illume

Images that visually capture the creativity of the lifestyle, music and culture that surrounds adventure and action sports, or represents what happens before, between, and after the action.

Masterpiece by SanDisk

ANdy Lewis going for a evening walk Sketchy Andy like. Basejump at the GGBY gathering 2016
© Nils Ohlendorf / Red Bull Illume

Images that illuminate your artistic skill, your personal best, your unique style - give us your best shot!


pla 002831 3571 org web
© Chris Tedesco / Red Bull Illume

Images that showcase the landscapes, locations, platforms, and environments in which athletes play.

Photo Story New for 2021

RBIL21 Photo Story Lorenz Holder
© Lorenz Holder / Red Bull Illume

Photos presented in a slideshow from 30 seconds up to 3 minutes, giving you the opportunity to show us your story that simply can’t be told in a single image.

RAW by Leica

raw 033238 3636 web
© Noah Wetzel / Red Bull Illume

Shots that are straight out of the camera showcasing the real image. Composition, exposure, lighting done in front of the lens and in the scene, not behind a screen. That’s the RAW by Leica category –un-cropped, un-touched, no filter.