About the Contest

Who is allowed to participate in the Canadian Mobile Contest?

Any Canadian mobile phone user who is at least 18 years of age and a legal resident of Canada. 

How can Red Bull use the images I submitted?

Red Bull may use your submitted images for editorial or promotional purposes in conjuction with Red Bull Illume. 

Does the photograph need to be Red Bull branded?

The images do not have to be Red Bull branded. Any unbranded or Red Bull branded action and adventure shot can be submitted as long as trademarks, logos, etc. from 3rd parties are not shown. Please refer to the Official Rules below for details.

What is a Mobile Device?

Any portable computing device such as a smartphone or tablet. Action cameras are not considered as a mobile device in this competition. 

How is the winning image being selected?

A panel of esteemed judges will select the top photo based on the technical superiority, composition, creativity, impact, artistic fail and overall qualities of photographic excellence. 

What's the prize?

The overall winner will have their image displayed at the Red Bull Illume Canadian exhibit tour stop and receive an all-expenses paid trip to Toronto for the Red Bull Illume Winner Awards Ceremony on November 18th. In addition, the winner will receive a G-Tech USB3 Hard drive with 1 TB storage.


What is an inappropriate submission?

Images of a political nature, pornographic images, full frontal nudity and sexually explicit images of any kind are not permitted. For details, please refer to the Official Rules below.

How many megapixels should my image have?

At least 8 megapixels. To determine the megapixels of your image, simply multiply the vertical and horizontal number of pixels and divide by one million, e.g. 12.2 mega pixels (2848 pixels x 4288 pixels = 12,212,224). You can also check your megapixel file size in Photoshop by opening the image and pressing Apple+Alt+I (Apple) or Ctrl+Alt+I (PC).

What is the difference between file size and picture size?

The image size of a graphic file is given in pixels (see above example calculating megapixels). File size measures the weight of a computer file.

I used a 8 megapixels or higher camera, but the resolution is still too small. Why?

If the resolution of your image is not sufficient, please check your camera settings: Even if you are using a 8+ megapixel camera you must also ensure that you are shooting at the highest possible resolution.

Why am I unable to upload my images?

If you can't upload your images please check the format and file size of your image. You can only upload JPGs. JPG is a compression format that reduces file size. You cannot submit TIFFs, RAWs or similar.

Please make sure not to exceed the maximum file size of 10 Megabytes (MB). If you still can't submit, the file might be damaged. Try to open it on your computer and see if any errors occur.

I have already submitted five images, but would like to add another one. Can I exchange images?

Once a photograph has been submitted, it is final and may not be replaced by another photograph.

Can I submit images under more than one account?

Please note that is against the rules to submit images under more than one account and will lead to disqualification.

If one of my images gets disqualified, will I be able to submit a replacement?

No. You may submit five images per category and these cannot be replaced after submission. Please choose your images carefully and consider rules and requirements for submission.