If I submit images with the wrong sport discipline, will these images be disqualified?

The decision to accept and judge the images will be at the discretion of Red Bull Illume judges. The Red Bull Illume judges’ decision is final.

Please always keep the requirements for submission in mind!

If I submit images to the wrong category, will these images be disqualified?

No. It is up to you to decide if an image meets the requirements of a category or not. Please consider that images that do not fit into a particular category might not be judged well.

Do I have to be a Red Bull Photographer to be able to submit my images?

No. Any professional or amateur photographer can submit his or her images to Red Bull Illume Special Image Quest 2020.

Does the photograph need to be Red Bull branded?

No. It does not have to be Red Bull branded. Any adventure and action sports image, as explained in the rules, can be submitted.

What is an inappropriate submission?

Images of a political nature, pornographic images, full frontal nudity and sexually explicit images of any kind.

Is image editing allowed?

Basic image editing and color corrections, Instagram filters are allowed, i.e. brightness, contrast, sharpening, mood and white balance.
Images that have been digitally or otherwise modified to change the original impression are only eligible for submission in the “Storytale “ category.

If I make color corrections, can I only submit my image to the ‘Storytale’ category?

If only basic image editing or color corrections have been made (e.g. black and white) and the image is not manipulated, you can submit to the other categories too.

Can I edit images I have shot on a smartphone?

Only basic image editing or color corrections are allowed for any image. The same applies to mobile images. The decision to accept your image will be at the discretion of the Red Bull Illume judges. Their decision is final. 

What is a moving image?

A moving image is a video clip, GIF or image sequence up to 1 minute. Stylized clips, such as stop motions, hyperlapses, slow motion, rewinds, superzooms and boomerangs are allowed.  Visual manipulation of the original clip is not allowed.

Can I submit the same image/ video to two different categories, e.g. “Homework” and “Unseen”?

Yes, photographers may submit the same image/ video to a maximum of 2 categories. To do so add the required hashtags of the categories. Example for “Homework” #rbi20submission #rbihomework , example for “Unseen”: #rbi20submission #rbi20unseen.

How many images / videos can I submit to each category?

There is no limit, you can submit as many images and videos to each category as you wish. 

Can I enter the same image/ video in 2 different weeks?

If you submitted an image to one week it is still in the image pool for the next week so it is not necessary to submit it twice.

Can I submit the same images/ videos under more than one account?

No. It is against the rules and will lead to disqualification.

What types of content can I submit to the category “Throwback”?

As long as your submission fits the category description it can be any type of image/video, from a combination of two images (as shown in our example) to one still image to a stop-motion-video.

I don’t have an Instagram Account. Can I submit on Facebook /Twitter?

No, images have to be submitted via Instagram. You can create a new Instagram account here. The Instagram account has to remain active on the platform until the final winners are announced.

I don’t have a personal Instagram account. Can I submit with my business account?

Yes, you can submit with an Instagram business account as long as you fulfill all other requirements for submission.

Do my images/videos need to have a certain format?

Your submission is only restricted by what you can upload on Instagram, e.g. you can’t submit a 9:16 image via posting it on your feed because Instagram doesn’t allow it.

I have already submitted an image/video by posting on Instagram, but would like to edit/change it, can I re-submit the same image?

Yes, you can submit the same image with several different edits. Please consider that the judges will always pick only the first image in a Carousel Post (multiple images in one post).

Can I submit images/videos to the “Homework” Category that are shot in my garden?

Yes, the submissions to the “Homework” Category can be shot in your house, your garden, your garage or even on your roof (please stay safe and don’t take any unnecessary risks!).

Can I submit images to the “Throwback” Category that are a collage of two or more images?

Yes, you can combine several images as long as the submission still fits the category description.

How can I add my Instagram Story submission to my Story Highlights?

Once uploaded, tap your Instagram Story and tap the little “heart button” saying “Highlight” on the bottom right of your screen. Then hit “+ New”, and title it “RBI 2020”. Click “Add” and it’s done!

Once uploaded, can I change my submission to the “Storytale” Category?

No, once uploaded you may not add or remove stories to/from the Story Highlight.

Can I submit more than one entry to the “Storytale” Category and how?

Of course! To submit another entry just upload your Instagram Stories and add them to another, different Instagram Story Highlight in your profile. Please name them differently with “RBI 2020 #1”, “RBI 2020 #2”, … and so on.

Judging and winners

How can you be sure that judges aren’t partial or unfair?

In order to maintain impartiality, all images will be made anonymous before the judges receive them.

What happens when two images have the exact same amount of votes?

In this case the Red Bull Illume judges will cast a determining vote.

Will I know how many votes my image received?

No. The number of votes will not be made public.

Will I get notified when my image gets chosen for the public vote/ as a finalist?

Yes, you will will be informed about the progress into the next round. The finalists will be announced publicly.