We are happy to present you the overall and category winners of the Red Bull Illume Momentaufnahme 2020! This special contest called all content creators in Germany to submit their most creative imagery via Instagram. Take a look at the winning content that's really stunning and find inspiration for your next project.

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Image © Christoph Sahner / Red Bull Illume

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Images that will make you yearn for water

Images that will make you yearn for water

Most of the images by Mahallia Budds feature a big body of water and a talented athlete who's surfing on it. Her images are a true testament that water is her favorite element. With us, she shared the beginning of her relationship with wakeskating, why the sport means so much to her and those defining moments of her career.

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Image © Mahallia Budds / Red Bull Illume

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Gallery: 10 simple but strong images

Gallery: 10 simple but strong images
Photographer: Dean Treml / Red Bull Illume 2010
Athlete: Steve Black
Location: Hamburg, Germany

Our latest gallery features no color, no elaborate scenery and no overwhelming action, instead it shows that sometimes a simple composition can be enough. These images from the past Red Bull Illume Image Quests show that a plain image can tell a great and gripping story as well.

Check out the gallery and see for yourself!

Image © Dean Treml / Red Bull Illume

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