A New Year, A New Red Bull Illume!
Red Bull Illume 2007, energy, Thomas Stöckli

A new year is upon us – and this new year brings a lot of change to the most respected Image Quest in the adventure and action sports world. In the spirit of evolution, this year’s contest will bring some unique, original challenges. Exactly what? You’ll have to stay tuned to find out.

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Gallery: 12 Mountain Sports Images That Will Light Up LUMEN!

To celebrate the opening of an exhibition of the world’s greatest mountain sports photography from the four previous editions of Red Bull Illume at the brand-new LUMEN - Museum of Mountain Photography, we wanted to give you a little teaser of what visitors will see.

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Shooting And Filming Snowboarders With Erin Hogue

"People are always going to tell you that things are impossible or too gnarly, but in reality, other people don’t know sh*t. Those are their limitations."


Back in early 2018 we caught up with Erin Hogue and she told us what it's like to be a female adventure and action sports photographer in a male-dominated industry! 

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