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How to win New Creativity
written on 11.02.2016
Red Bull Illume 2013: Jara Sijka, New Creativity category top 25

The Red Bull Illume New Creativity category is tailor-made for unique, creative action and adventure sports images. Want to know if your image qualifies? See what it takes to win.

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Meet your Judges
written on 24.03.2016
Red Bull Illume 2013: Dean Barnes, Lifestyle category top 25

With only days to go before submissions close, we spoke to a few handpicked Red Bull Illume judges about what kind of work is likely to grab their attention, and how simply getting your work seen can boost your career.

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Enhance Category: What it takes to win
written on 28.01.2016
Red Bull Illume 2013: Miha Godec, Experimental category top 25

Are you a skilled retoucher? Find out how the Red Bull Illume Enhance category can help you make your mark in the world’s greatest action and adventure sports photography contest.

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