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Having the best equipment alone won’t make you a great photographer. But if you’re creating great action shots in the outdoors, you won’t last long without the best gear. At Red Bull Illume we’ve partnered with some of the leading names in photography, technology and the outdoors. From concept to cold shoot in the outdoors, to the framed print on the wall, these brands will support you every step of the creative journey. Why not take a scroll and explore what they have for you?

Red Bull Illume 2021 partners Lenovo version3


Lenovo™ is an industry leader in innovative and smarter computing technology that enables a more inclusive and inspired world, because there is more than one way to be creative. This kind of meaningful innovation is what allows creators to develop and enhance their concepts, evolving with new ideas that inspire, influence, and simply put, leave us speechless.

Red Bull Illume 2021 Partners SanDisk Professional version3

SanDisk Professional

Introducing SanDisk Professional™ – Premium, pro-grade storage solutions built to flow with you, scalable to expand for any level of production and the durability to help protect your content that matters most.SanDisk Professional combines the pro-grade heritage of G-Technology® with the global trust of SanDisk® to create one powerful professional portfolio purpose built to empower your biggest inspiration.

Red Bull Illume 2021 Partners Black Diamond version3

Black Diamond

Black Diamond is all about the best possible gear for your outdoor experiences, like their innovative set of headlamps that provide essential, hands-free illumination to defy the dark. It’s the ultimate companion for any of your photography adventures and provides the best light whenever you need it.

Red Bull Illume 2021 partners Leica version3


Leica Camera AG is an international, premium manufacturer of cameras and sports optics. The legendary reputation of the Leica brand is based on a long tradition of excellent quality, German craftsmanship and German industrial design, combined with innovative technologies.

Red Bull Illume 2021 Partners Whitewall version4


WhiteWall is made up of a team of passionate experts, combining state-of-the-art technologies with traditional development methods. WhiteWall's award-winning gallery quality is achieved through first-class backing materials, high-quality photo prints under acrylic glass, and handcrafted frames. Looking to start your collection? Fill your space with the limited-edition prints of the Red Bull Illume Winners and you’ll be inspired every single day!

Red Bull Illume 2021 Partner COOPH version3


COOPH is about recognizing and promoting outstanding visions from within the community and endeavor to support photographers in breaking creative boundaries. COOPH believes photography is a vehicle for documentation and expression, especially when interacting with our environment and interpreting life around us. COOPH is crafting apparel and accessories for people passionate about photography.

Red Bull Illume 2021 Partner CCS version4

CCS Fabric Frame

CCS is the manufacturer of the 2x2 meter T-shaped lightboxes for the Red Bull Illume Indoor Exhibition and a proven partner for visual brand presentation and eye-catching displays in combination with light and acoustic elements. Their large-format prints and fabric frame systems create unique design possibilities and innovative room concepts. As an established, globally active service provider in the field of retail, event and office design they are constantly expanding their portfolio and offer a wide range of possibilities to realize your design vision anywhere in the world.