Chris Burkard: Timeless landscapes and untamed nature

The Californian photographer, Chris Burkard, was the overall winner of the second ever Red Bull Illume Image Quest back in 2010. Since then, Chris has become one of the most famous photographers in the adventure and action sports scene. We (virtually) sat down with him and talked about stand out moments of his career and how the current situation has affected it.

Red Bull Illume Chris Burkard 14

© Chris Burkard / Red Bull Illume

Chris Burkard is a world-renowned photographer, filmmaker and storyteller. In his images, he captures nature and its many wonders in a spectacular and truly authentic way, which could be due to the fact that he approaches his subjects with caution and humility. Chris is very committed to his work and it seems like nothing can stop him from getting that perfect shot.

Thanks for taking the time Chris! How are you and what’s been going on lately?

I am good! Most of all I am thankful to be healthy and busy through these crazy times we are living in. COVID-19 and the travel restrictions it caused changed my life greatly over the past year, but in some ways it was actually really nice for me to have some time away from traveling to spend quality time at home with my family. Right now I am back in Iceland, I just finished up a surf trip and happened to get extremely lucky and be here for a volcanic eruption. I documented this both personally and for Nat Geo which was a huge honor. And right now I am prepping for another bike trip, this is a fat bike expedition in which I will traverse Iceland from North to South. Long story short, there’s a lot going on but life is good!

How has it affected your work?

The past year certainly brought its challenges and changed the way I work and run my business. Most of all it was a challenge to continue running my studio and making sure I could employ my team, but I am grateful to have adapted and been able to keep everything running as usual. The projects and work I took on certainly changed but I believe that is all part of being a photographer these days.

How would you describe your style of photography?

I would say overall, I have distinguished myself by shooting untamed, powerful landscapes that are layered with outdoor, travel, adventure, surf, and lifestyle subjects. One of the defining elements of my style of photography is instilling a sense of scale and timelessness within a landscape. That is done many times by including a person within the image but I’ve also used planes, boats, etc. By adding this human element it immediately gives a viewer a context to latch onto of how large a landscape or scene is while making it much more relatable. By seeing a human form within a scene it makes it much easier to imagine that person is you. I also utilize a lot of silhouette lighting in order to make my images more timeless. I try and avoid including details like a big branded shirt or anything that will allow you to tell when an image was taken.

How do you get your final images to look so consistent?

I think in some ways this happens naturally, by following the stylistic elements I mentioned above. I tend to stick to these because they’re what I instinctively like and have always gravitated towards which helps keep my portfolio cohesive. I also try not to rely heavily on editing which helps keep things consistent as well.

How did your relationship with action and adventure sports photography develop?

I started shooting photos when I was 19 years old after experimenting with drawing and art in high school. I realized that it enabled me to do art in a mobile state, to explore and adventure, and show people the beauty in the world around me. As a kid growing up on the Central Coast, I was always really into surfing and bodyboarding. As I began shooting photos, I gravitated towards these and was always out shooting photos with my friends doing these things. I would go and shoot surfers at the local beach and try to sell them pictures on DVDs. I shot weddings and senior pictures and interiors store photos. That obviously wasn't my end goal, but I had to start somewhere. I wanted to learn more about action sports and landscapes photography which is what I was excited about but didn't know where to turn so I started applying for internships. I finally got an opportunity to intern with Michael Fatali, a large format landscape photographer, and I got an internship at Transworld Surf magazine which was an incredibly valuable experience and pushed me further into the action sports world.

Where do you find inspiration for your work?

It’s pretty simple, I guess. I find my inspiration in nature. Heading out and spending days off the grid and away from the civilization is where I feel most relaxed and can really see things in a different light. I used to draw a ton of inspiration from magazines and photo books but now it’s more in music, architecture, paintings, poetry, and really anything that opens up my senses in new and interesting ways. I have always tried to approach subjects with caution and humility. I never want to be running around taking photos without a clear purpose. So, I try to really take in the places I go and make sure that I am feeling some connection with them before I get to work. It’s an important part of my photographic process.

You often work under difficult and extraordinary conditions. What motivates you to go the extra mile for your work?

I always like to say the best image is the image people haven’t seen before. To be honest, it’s really hard to take a picture of a place or activity people have seen a bunch of times before. But, if you go the extra mile and take a photo of something people have never seen before, all the sudden that image stands out. I think about this a lot and it always pushes me to go further and work harder than most, because the result is always worth it.

Can you share stand out moments/memories of your career (positive and negative) with us?

There have definitely been lots of ups and downs over the years. Getting my first internship at Transworld Surf was a stand out moment for real because it was something I wanted so bad. Scoring waves under the Northern Lights was definitely an all-time positive moment for me, sitting in a jail cell in Russia was definitely an all-time negative stand out for me! There are almost too many ups and downs to list them, I’m just grateful for all the moments I’ve gotten to experience whether good or bad. Winning the Red Bull Illume Contest in 2010 was definitely a stand out moment for my career as well.

You’ve travelled to a lot of awesome spots all over the world. Do you have favorite places/locations to shoot in and why?

By far my favorite place in the world is Iceland. It holds so much opportunity for adventure and surf. Everytime I shoot here it is like walking on another planet. The geography along with the people of Iceland keep you coming back. Breanne (my wife) and I joke about living in Iceland when our boys get a little older for six-months at a time. I’ve been 40+ times and have no intentions of stopping.

What are the three most important things aspiring photographers should keep in mind?

The best thing that you can do as an aspiring photographer is to identify a style that represents you well, develop within that style, and keep shooting to perfect it. It’s super important to have your images be recognizable by editors and others who are looking at your work. With the large number of photographers that are out there now you must find ways to stand out. The best compliment I can ever receive is when people know my photography work instantly when they see it. I would also say persistence and willingness to learn.

What’s important when taking images for Red Bull Illume? Any tips?

I think similar to what I answered before, it’s really important and helpful to develop your own style and take images that are unique. There are so many amazing photographers out there today it’s absolutely mind-blowing, you need to do something that makes your photos stand out in a consistent way.

What’s the most valuable thing you learnt from taking part in Red Bull Illume?

Mostly the value of community within the creative industry and the opportunities there are to connect with people. Illume really fostered some amazing relationships with other photographers that I still value and hold dearly today. That is honestly the most important part of the whole thing.

What do you try to capture for the Image Quest 2021? Have you already shot something?

To be honest I have been really enjoying mentoring photographers and focusing on my own expeditions as an athlete. It’s been challenging to give as much focus as it takes to create an image for Illume so if something happens I’ll be excited to share it.. but it’s not as much of a focus for me now as it was years ago.

Where can we find more of your work?

You can find more of my work on my website or on my Instagram.

Red Bull Illume 2021 Photobook - Limited Edition

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How to get more work as a photographer

Up your game, meet new clients and be humble. The mountain bike photographer Paris Gore shares his experience and photography tips. 

ene21 0730204450519 75 web

© Paris Gore / Red Bull Illume

How did Red Bull Illume change things for you?

My first image in Red Bull Illume in 2013 still gets brought up by people today almost ten years later. It left a mark and I’m pretty fortunate to be able to share such a special image.

Red Bull Illume 2021 Paris Gore 2
© Paris Gore / Red Bull Illume

How did you get into photography?

My parents had a bluegrass band growing up and my mom would hand me her 35mm camera while they played shows and I ran around taking pictures at a pretty young age. I guess that would be the start, but years later I took a photography class in high school and was pretty hooked on it. My teacher gave me a lot of flexibility to go shoot the team sports. I was also into mountain biking at that time and just put it together one day to shoot mountain bike. That's when it really all came together and could see that it was something I was really interested in doing. By the time I was headed to college, I realized I could possibly make a career out of photography so I went to photo school in Seattle. Now, 12 years later, it's the only job I've held.

How do you build important relationships that help you professionally?

I treat everyone with respect and make no judgements of someone; they could be your next client. I've been great friends with one of my biggest clients for nearly ten years and had some great times together. Just being a fun person and a quality human goes a long way in the professional world.

Red Bull Illume 2021 Paris Gore 1
© Paris Gore

How do you reach out to potential new clients?

I've tried most of the methods, I’m not really sure what works the best, but I really believe in more of an in-person approach. I just get a lot more done out of a conversation than sending emails into space that someone might never see. I've had good luck going to trade shows and chatting up potential companies I would want to work with.

What sets your images apart?

I like to shoot big scenes and show nature, elements, scenery around the action. I don't think it sets me apart from anyone else, but I just like to convey the feeling of where I'm at and hope that someone can feel like they are right there experiencing the moment.

Red Bull Illume 2021 Paris Gore 3
© Paris Gore

Where do you find inspiration for your work?

From the other photographers that I've looked up to for years and new ones. It just puts the fire in me to do better and get out of my comfort zone.

What tips do you have for young photographers?

Photography will evolve with experience, so just keep shooting what you like to shoot and the rest will follow. Put yourself out there, meet new people, athletes, industry marketing folks, be apart and stick out in your community, be humble and don't get dejected. It takes a long time to make it happen but it's sure worth it in the long run.

Check out Paris' website and follow him on Instagram to see more of his professional work.

Show me the light

Red Bull Illume semi-finalist Toby Cowley tells us why happiness involves shooting riders in great light with great composition.

ene21 0801170858746 26974 web

© Toby Cowley / Red Bull Illume

Where does your photography passion come from?
I don’t think it can be summed up as one thing, there’s a lot to be inspired by everyday (light, color, people, nature) that makes me want to pick up a camera and take a photo. And there’s always more to learn and improve on that keeps me intrigued.

Why do you focus on biking?
It’s just what I know, I’ve followed and been around two wheels for as long as I can remember and it’s how my career as a photographer began. As much as I love shooting biking, I definitely try to spend time photographing outside of my niche.

Red Bull Illume 2021 Toby Cowley 1
© Toby Cowley

How do you capture the perfect moment?
These days with cameras that shoot 30fps it has become a lot easier to get the timing right on a shot. Unless I’m shooting film, and then it’s a combination of knowing the sport/trick and luck.

Tell us a little bit more about the image you submitted to the Image Quest 2021. How did it come about? Was it spontaneous or planned in detail?
One of my favorite things about photography is playing with light and shadows, so when I noticed the shadow spilling onto the sphere it seemed like a good opportunity to get some separation between Brandon and the feature.  

How long did it take you to get the shot?
It only took a few takes, there was a pretty small window where there was just the right ratio of shadow to light. So fortunately Brandon was able to ride the sphere pretty consistently every time and everything came together relatively quick.

Check out how this incredible image came together and watch the behind-the-scenes video featuring athlete Brandon Semenuk here!

Red Bull Illume 2021 Toby Cowley 2
© Toby Cowley

How important is the relationship between athlete and photographer?
Communication is key for both the athlete and the photographer, if the rider is planning to do a trick only once, it’s important for me to make sure I know what trick they’re doing and then figure out which angle shows that trick the best. If I have an idea for a shot, I’ll run it by the athlete so that we’re on the same page before they drop in.

When are you happy with your images?
When light, riding, composition all comes together, that’s definitely when I’m the happiest.

What’s up next for you? Any exciting projects you can share with us?
I can’t give away too much but I’m just finishing up a bigger project that will hopefully be released next month. And then a couple smaller shoots in the next couple weeks, I’m excited for a busy summer!

If you want to see more of Toby's work follow him on Instagram @tobycowley or check out his website!

Illuminate your space with the incredible winning images

Red Bull Illume is all about the art of adventure and action sports photography and now you can experience these images like never before!

Jan Kasl WhiteWall print

© Jan Kasl

2021 was an edition like no other, with the one-of-a-kind Winners’ Unveiling Week from November 29 to December 4, in which all of the finalists and winning images were revealed on Instagram Live. The overall winner, Will Saunders, received his trophy on the final night on the snow-covered mountains in Aspen Snowmass, CO, USA.

Visiting a tour stop is just one of the ways you can experience these incredible images, or you could buy your very own. What are we talking about? Well, for the first time ever, you can own a high-end print and turn your home into an art gallery. Check out all the limited-edition prints that are available to order on COOPH, including Will Saunders' winning shot. It's a totally new way to experience these incredible images, thanks to our partners WhiteWall and COOPH.

Markus Berger WhiteWall print

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Red Bull Illume 2021 Photobook inside

The art of kayak photography

Persistence pays off when it comes to shooting action on a river, says Rod Hill, winner of Energy by Red Bull Photography.

ene21 0619081444806 265 web

© Rod Hill / Red Bull Illume

How did you become a photographer?

I wouldn’t actually say I'm a photographer, it's more of a lifelong passion for me. My mother always had a camera ready when we were growing up. Then my brother studied photography at secondary school but stopped after a year. I picked up his camera and started to play around a bit. We did a lot of surf adventures around the North Island of New Zealand and I thought it would be good to get some photos from that. Then the travel bug really kicked in and 46 countries later I still absolutely love travel photography. I started with print film then progressed to slide film mostly in Europe and Africa, then finally digital.

You’re a teacher, do your students know about your second life?

Absolutely not! 99% of students are convinced teachers do not have lives. They assume we are born teachers. I bumped into two students who were swimming at a local river. I was abseiling down the side of the waterfall. Needless to say, they were quite surprised.

Red Bull Illume 2021 Rod Hill 3
© Rod Hill

What sports do you focus on and why?

I would love to shoot more sports but access is not that easy. I have no press credentials and turning up to photograph kids playing soccer or something could be misconstrued! So, focusing on kayaking has allowed me to shoot as much and as often as I like. Kayakers are very photogenic too. Also, I can try my hand at bird and nature photography while I wait for kayakers. The rivers are exceptionally beautiful. I would like to get more mountain bike photos because that was a sport I was heavily involved in for quite a long time but for the foreseeable future, rivers, birds and kayakers fill the day!

Where do you find inspiration?

Inspiration is an interesting concept. I don’t really get inspiration to shoot photos as such. I get inspired to live life as best as I can. Getting photos I'm proud of just happens to be part of that.

What makes a ‘good’ image in your opinion?

Aside from the technical aspects such as composition and the rule of thirds, I think a good photograph starts and finishes with interesting light. I try to avoid cropping so everything in the photograph should be there for a reason. I really like Michael Clark’s and Lorenz Holder’s images. They always have lots of layers to them.

Red Bull Illume 2021 Rod Hill 4
© Rod Hill

How has winning the Energy by Red Bull Photography category changed things?

I'm still the same person – wet and often freezing cold on the side of a river waiting for kayakers to go by. On a personal level, I am super proud of my achievement. Being only the second Kiwi to win a category behind the legend Dean Treml is also quite humbling too. It has legitimized my passion but I still have so much more to learn.

What’s next?

I am in the early stages of sorting a trip to Mexico with George Snook and hopefully Rafa Ortiz with the help of Red Bull Photography. It was part of the prize from Red Bull Illume. I am also working on a new project closer to home, Tree Trunk Gorge to be exact. I have some ideas for there. It's quite steep and sketchy but nothing a couple of ascenders, harness, a really long rope and maybe a drone wouldn’t fix.

Red Bull Illume 2021 Rod Hill 8
© Rod Hill

Any tips for up-and-coming photographers?

There is always someone better than you. Guaranteed. You need thick skin, persistence and YouTube. I have found the better the photographer the more likely they are to help with advice. Although he wouldn’t remember, Michael Clark was very helpful several years ago and also a pro sports photographer from Napier, New Zealand - Alphapix - he has been really helpful. Really getting to know athletes is also another area often overlooked. Not being a dick also goes a long way.

Follow Rod on Instagram @rod_coffee or check out his website to see more of his work!

Harness the Energy!

The Energy category is one of our favorites. It's all about capturing the energy, speed and strength of an athlete in action. The category always attracts an incredibly high standard of entries and the winners consistently take our breath away – which is why we're sharing them below. These are the six Energy winners from the Image Quests 2007 to 2021. As you can see, they've lost none of their power to inspire and awe.


Professional snowboarding photographer Thomas Stöckli became the first ever Energy category winner in 2007 with this shot of Reto Kestenholz in St. Christoph, Austria. He was subsequently a finalist in the 2010 edition.


This epic shot of cliff diver Todor Spasov was taken by Swiss photographer Romina Amato, who got this unique angle from a boat. “I like pictures where it leaves the viewer asking, where is he coming from? Will he survive this? Does that guy seriously think he can fly?”


Ben Thouard didn't just win the Energy category with this shot of Ace Buchan in Tahiti. It went on to be crowned Red Bull Illume Overall Winner. “Shooting surfing from underwater is a whole new world and I love it,” he said at the time.


An image just as powerful today as it was 12 years ago. Taken by legendary Aussie lensman Stuart Gibson, it shows Ryan Hipwood big wave surfing in Tasmania. “The day I got that photo was a really special day in my career,” Gibson recalled.


“A salute to the power and randomness of the ocean, or a mocking attempt at some kind of manipulated sorcery, showing man’s unending quest to control nature.” That was photographer Luke Shadbolt’s take on this 2016 winning shot. Inside info? He didn’t spot surfer Renan Faccini was in the shot until afterwards.


“This shot was not supposed to happen,” recalls Rod Hill, an unassuming chemistry teacher from New Zealand. Kayaker River Mutton was about to go home but decided on one last run. Then the sun suddenly came out. “Straight away I knew this was going to work," Rod said.

Looking for more inspiration or want to see the incredible images other photographers submitted? Then check out our gallery here which features the top images of each edition!

Red Bull Illume is coming to Slovenia

The next SES Exhibit Tour Stops will light up Maribor and Ljubljana!

Red Bull Illume 2021 SES Tour Citycenter Celje 2

The finalist image by Kevin Molano is on display in the exhibition. © Mediaspeed / Citycenter Celje

The next Red Bull Illume Exhibitions will be in EUROPARK, Maribor and ALEJA, Ljubljana in Slovenia. Both tour stops are part of our partnership with SES Spar European Shopping Centers which displays the 56 finalist images inside their premium shopping destinations across Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary and Italy. All exhibitions are completely free to visit and can be combined with a shopping trip.

EUROPARK in Maribor – June 23 to July 3

Nestled between the Drava River and the green embrace of the Pohorje forests lies Maribor, the starting point for all kinds of adventures – from skiing to hiking and climbing. It’s the perfect location to host the next Red Bull Illume Tour Stop. The top 56 images will go on display at Maribor’s EUROPARK, from June 23 to July 3, 2022.

For more than 22 years the 2-level and light-flooded EUROPARK with around 120 different stores offers a variety of international and national brands and now, for the first time ever, the Red Bull Illume Exhibition.

Since the shopping mall is located right in the center of Maribor, it can be easily reached by any means of transport and it is the perfect place to meet with family and friends to discover the illuminated images. The exhibition is totally free to view during the centers’ regular hours from 9am to 9pm weekdays and 8am to 9pm on Saturdays.

Red Bull Illume 2021 Tour Stop Europark Maribor 2
© Bojan Mihalič

ALEJA in Ljubljana – July 5 to July 16

The exhibition will then move to Slovenia’s capital, Ljubljana, gateway to the Julian Alps. Once again, the images will be displayed on 2x2 meter lightboxes and showcased from July 5 to July 16 at ALEJA in the heart of Šiška, just to the north of downtown Ljubljana.

The modern shopping mall is located in one of the most popular districts of Ljubljana and has been constructed from 2017 to 2020. It impresses with its mixed-use structure and combines shopping, culinary delights as well as leisure facilities. With 80 different brands, a fitness park, a running track and several relaxing areas ALEJA offers a great variety for every interest and age and goes far beyond the usual shopping trip. It is open Mondays to Saturdays 8am to 9pm.

Red Bull Illume 2021 SES Tour Aleja Ljubljana 1

Both venues are ideal places to check out the incredible winning images of Red Bull Illume and be awe inspired by the world’s greatest adventure and action sports photography. If you happen to be in either of the two cities be sure to explore the exhibits.

Here are the upcoming tour stops throughout the SES Spar European Shopping Centers if you can't make it to Slovenia.

Welcome to the Kingdom of Ice

Red Bull Illume Category Winner Thomas Monsorno captivated the judges with his shot of a climber on Lake Baikal. He’s been back on ice for his latest shoot and explains why.

Red Bull Illume 2021 Thomas Monsorno 4

© Thomas Monsorno

Tell us about Iceland
After our Baikal project, we planned a new one for the following year, which unfortunately we had to cancel due to the pandemic. We had already defined some new locations, but these were not feasible due to travel restrictions. It was supposed to be the follow-up project to Baikal, a mixture of road movie and climbing story. In autumn 2021 we decided to fly to Iceland to look for new ice climbing spots. The team consisted of Dani Arnold, Martin Echser, Lukas Kusstatscher and Davide Guzzardi. The aim was to produce photos and video. As is well known, the landscape in Iceland is spectacular, but the constantly changing, sometimes extreme weather conditions in winter made the project even more special.

Red Bull Illume 2021 Thomas Monsorno 1
© Thomas Monsorno

Which equipment did you take with you?

In addition to my camera equipment and my drone, I also had my new Leica Q2 (category winner prize) with me, which I had received from Red Bull Illume a few days before starting the trip. The Iceland project was of course the perfect playground to test this 47mp camera. I always had it with me at every location because it is very light and compact. The low weight was a great advantage on the sometimes long ascents. I also didn’t have to worry about the constantly changing weather conditions (snow, wind, rain, cold) due to the robustness of the camera. The 28mm lens was a great focal length for me, although there is also a 35mm, 50mm and 75mm crops mode. For me it is a perfect allround camera, which I will always have with me for future projects!

Red Bull Illume 2021 Thomas Monsorno 10
This is one of the images Thomas shot with his Leica Q2. © Thomas Monsorno

What’s important to consider when shooting in such extremes?

When shooting in such extreme conditions, planning and equipment is of course very important. This certainly begins in advance, when you study the weather forecast through to choosing the right clothing and equipment. Some of the climbs are long, and the weight of the equipment means you have to be in good physical shape to keep up with the pro athletes. In most cases, the equipment is reduced to the essentials, so you can save a few kilos in weight. I always carry the batteries directly on my body to protect them from the cold.

Walk us through the creative process

The first step is always the selection of the location. If I find an inspiring location, then I think about what activity could be combined with a shoot here. The next step is then to contact an athlete to discuss the feasibility of the project. Then a team is put together (usually with a filmmaker, etc.) and the project is put on paper. At the end, the partners/brands will be contacted. The process of planning is always teamwork. It has happened that a global campaign has emerged from an initially free project when the brands have recognized the potential.

Red Bull Illume 2021 Thomas Monsorno 3
© Thomas Monsorno

Why ice climbing?

There is something very fascinating about watching Dani Arnold ice climbing. Every movement is very considered, you have to be very strong mentally and physically to climb at this high level. In addition, there is always the cold, which certainly doesn't make it any easier to call up the full performance. Compared to other sports, the movements are relatively slow, which is often an advantage when taking photos, as the photographer has time to move and can shoot a route from many different angles and perspectives. I also find the element of ice very fascinating, as it is constantly changing. There are beautiful ice structures, the nature is just fantastic!

Where do you find inspiration for your work?

I usually find the inspiration for my work in nature and when researching on the internet. There are also numerous artists who I find very inspiring.

Red Bull Illume 2021 Thomas Monsorno 6
© Thomas Monsorno

What was the reaction to being a Red Bull Illume category winner?

The feedback was really overwhelming. So many people have congratulated me, written to me and sometimes simply approached me, even if I thought they wouldn’t be that interested in photography. Personally, it was a very nice experience and in some way a confirmation that the path I had taken was the right one and that the work of the last few years had paid off. I noticed that Red Bull Illume has a very high status in the scene, which is noticeable on a professional level.

Anything else coming up?

After Iceland we flew almost immediately afterwards for a five-week project to the Maldives. At the moment I am at home in South Tyrol, where I will also spend the summer. A few local projects are planned here. We don't have any concrete plans for next winter, but in all probability there will be a new project with Dani Arnold and co.

Check out Thomas' website and follow him on Instagram for more fascinating imagery!

The Best Underwater Photography

Take a dive below the waterline and prepare to be amazed by these incredible underwater photos. We've pulled together some of the most impressive Red Bull Illume images taken below the surface – of surfers, kayakers, freedivers, even an underwater skateboarder and a biker. We think these photos are amazing and the photographers who captured them incredible. We hope you do too. 

Red Bull Illume 2021 Gallery Underwater 1

© Matt Power / Red Bull Illume

Red Bull Illume Exhibition lights up Padua, Italy

Be the first to experience the Red Bull Illume Exhibition jointly hosted between the IPERCITY and LE BRENTELLE shopping malls in Padua, Italy, from May 11 to 29, 2022.

inn21 0713163031619 3941 web

This image by the Italian category winner Thomas Monsorno is exhibited in the shopping mall IPERCITY. © Thomas Monsorno / Red Bull Illume

From May 11 to 29, 2022, the 56 finalist images from the Red Bull Illume Image Quest 2021 will be exhibited in Padua, Italy, at the modern and fashionable shopping malls of IPERCITY and LE BRENTELLE. Both shopping malls are characterized by their bright ambiance and open architecture, and are well known for attracting locals and tourists alike thanks to the variety of Italian and international brands on offer. These exhibit tour stops in IPERCITY and LE BRENTELLE are part of our partnership with SES Spar European Shopping Centers which displays the winning images inside their premium shopping destinations across Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary and Italy.

The images are displayed on innovative 2x2 meter lightboxes provided by the German based manufacturer CCS Fabric Frame. This allows the outstanding quality of the images to be appreciated in a new way by audiences more used to seeing the images on a smartphone or computer screen. It also celebrates and honors the hard work and dedication of the photographers.

For your chance to view and appreciate the very best in adventure and action sports photography, head to IPERCITY and LE BRENTELLE shopping malls in Padua. The 56 images are shared across the two venues meaning you need to go to both to see every shot. The exhibitions are free to view and everyone is welcome during the centers’ regular opening hours. IPERCITY and LE BRENTELLE are easy to reach and are located off main roads, accessible by all means of transport.

  • Mondays to Saturdays 8:30AM – 9PM
  • Sundays 9AM – 9PM

So grab a gelato and enjoy a stroll through the impressive display of talent at the Red Bull Illume Exhibition while also taking in the great shopping to be had at that IPERCITY and LE BRENTELLE in Padua, Italy. The exhibition runs until May 29, 2022.

Here are the upcoming tour stops throughout the SES Spar European Shopping Centers if you can't make it to Padua.

Shooting Whitewater

Red Bull Illume photographer Benny Marr gives the lowdown on kayaking with crocs, big rivers and why he’d rather be athlete than photographer.

ene21 0729193703968 1272 web

© Daniel Stewart / Red Bull Illume

Are you photographer or kayaker?

I am not a technically skilled photographer. I’m a kayaker completely focused on kayaking and I accept that I will make mistakes and miss a lot of shots and opportunities. There is a lot I don't understand about the craft. I research and buy equipment and ultimately I am around a combination of skilled athletes and incredible whitewater fairly often which makes things a little easier for me. When I want to shoot, I try to make as few mistakes as possible. Find a frame, try to get everything in focus...

What is the most difficult thing about shooting whitewater?

Having wet hands all the time in a wet environment.


Red Bull Illume 2021 Benny Marr 2
© Benny Marr

Talk us through your prep?

I bring my camera with me when I go to the river. I try to make sure my shit is charged and the cards are formatted but I am usually forgetting something. Kayakers are often bringing cameras down the river with them in waterproof bags which provide a bit of protection for the gear. Sometimes we are running waterfalls and the cameras take the same hits that our bodies do so we need to protect them. I love a great photo and I try to observe and learn from the elements of how other people work so I will be motivated to move around on the river more to capture something that I and the kayaker will be happy to have to post, share, or sell – or have a memory of a cool moment.

pla21 0730040737801 25589 web
© Benny Marr

Do you prefer being behind the lens or in front of it?

I am way better at whitewater kayaking than I am at whitewater photography! It is better for me, career-wise, to be in the photo than to take the photo. We can make some extra cash selling photos but I am more stoked to be in a photo in the Red Bull Illume book than to have taken a photo which made it into the book. Nice for the ego either way!

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You’ve kayaked the Zambezi. Why’s it special?

The Zambezi river is a live winding border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. The river falls around 100 metres over Victoria Falls and into the Batoka Gorge. As kayakers we have all known about and planned trips to the Zambezi for years. Just to be able to travel to Africa is an incredible privilege and experience. Too often taken for granted. Sitting underneath Victoria Falls every day for a month and running some of the baddest rapids on the planet, I understand that privilege differently because I've worked hard on the skillsets required specifically to spend time beneath the falls. It is unique to paddle through a canyon or gorge like the Batoka with such easy access.  River Right and River Left provide ample opportunities for a kayaker with a camera to hop out to shoot photos or film something. While there are no hippos in the classic whitewater section because they don't survive falling off Victoria Falls, there are many crocodiles who have done just that. Small baby crocs survive the plunge and grow up in the gorge adding elements of curiosity and danger to the kayaker's journey every day.

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Steve Fisher is a big inspiration right?

Steve Fisher was the best all-around kayaker on the planet when I was growing up. His career is still very relevant and impressive. When he was in his late teens or early twenties he went to the Zambezi River to work as a guide and video/photo kayaker. He and a group of kayakers living on the Zambezi started making videos and as a kid I devoured them. It influenced how I kayak, how I navigate rivers and how I see high volume whitewater and big lines.

Scott Lindgren was also an influence?

Years after the Wicked Liquid movies by Steve Fisher and Alex Nicks were out, Steve started shooting with Scott Lindgren. Scott brought together footage from around the world for the Burning Time movies and created some really beautiful work on the Zambezi River. It was a lot higher quality than anything we had seen from the area so we could understand the river better. Steve was peaking in his skill and sendinees in the big water as well. Excellent combination.  Steve’s big water style affected me for sure and Scott being willing to invest time and money into quality equipment and kayaking movies was great for the sport.

When are the perfect conditions for shooting the Zambezi?

It is always good, rain or shine.

Check out the incredible behind-the-scenes video here!

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