Meet the all-new 'Homework' category!

The 'Homework' category is specifically for adventure and action sports content that is created in or around your home. Do you have images or videos that fit these criteria? Then read more and find out how to submit your content below!

© Matthias Dandois and dog @arianatherocket filmed by Constance Jablonski

© Matthias Dandois and dog @arianatherocket filmed by Constance Jablonski

The categories for the Red Bull Illume Special Image Quest 2020 are specific, but still give content creators the freedom to share their own interpretation of the category. Homework is specifically for adventure and action sports content that is created in and around your home.

People all over the world have had to turn their home into their office, their gym, and ultimately their playground. The Homework category is for the creators who looked at their bed covers and saw the perfect wave, turned a tree in the back garden into an 8B climbing boulder, or realized that their dining chairs are great for parkour practice. As long as you are being creative at home, you can submit your content into this category.

Simply follow these easy steps to enter the Homework category:

1)    Share your best still and moving images (up to 1 minute) on your public Instagram feed.
2)    Tag @redbullillume, use the hashtag #rbi20submission and the category #rbi20homework
3)    Tag a friend to invite them to take part too.

Got the shot? Submit your content to Red Bull Illume Special Image Quest 2020 and you could have your work featured in the current Red Bull Illume Exhibit Tour and stand the chance to win a full Skylum Luminar 4 editing suite, plus a money-can’t-buy experience from Red Bull.

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Isolation Skateboarding with finalist Markus Berger

Multiple time Red Bull Illume finalist Markus Berger set out on a mission to capture skateboarding now and then, throwing it back to a time when the streets of Salzburg were completely abandoned. Let yourself be inspired for the all new 'Throwback' category!

"Isolated Skateboarding in Salzburg with Philipp Josefu during Covid-19, March/April 2020. A series of photos that document an empty town and unusual ambience. Salzburg is a highly touristic destination with crazy numbers of tourists especially during spring time. Yet even during rush hour completely empty and quiet. Skateboarding through the streets and bringing a piece of life back outside to document this unique time for later generations. 

The reason behind this project is quite simple and then also not quite so obvious at the same time. The Covid-19 pandemic triggered a worldwide stop of the life we were used to have. Suddenly restrictions for moving outside and limited freedom in general. It was not too tough to adjust to stay home because usually I am working from home anyway. Yet as time goes by I realized that things changed and being home for such a long time without social contacts is quite a challenge. Then also reality hits and with zero money coming in and no job bookings all the way until summer, I started wondering how I am going to adjust and amply to survive this situation. There is no way to panic because life goes on one way or the other. So I sit at home wondering what I can do. Scribbling ideas and concepts for the time after Corona and setting up my workspace and archiving systems new. Cleaning my desktop and gear and then… then what. After a couple of weeks all is done. Slowly but surely the inner wish to capture this special situation on camera grew. Yet I also didn’t want to violate the regulations and be a part of the solution together with everybody else. Eventually I concluded that it is more important to create those images than staying home and saving lives. Those images might be a reminder for later generations to be careful and remember those Corona days. Of course all security measures like keeping distance and wearing a mask I took care of and it was only Philipp and me hitting the streets together and looking for spots to skate where you usually could’t because of masses of people. The goal was to bring back something that connects this surreal scenery with something that was there before. The message is „Skateboarding is still alive and so are you!“ and skateboarding can also be representing any other sport or art people were performing outside in the streets before this pandemic stopped the life outdoors."

Words by Markus Berger

One week extension of Red Bull Illume Special Image Quest 2020

The contest for adventure and action sports content creators extends the competition by a week to celebrate their creativity in 2020 on Instagram.

Photographer: Jaanus Ree Red Bull Illume 2016 Category: New Creativity Athlete: Erik Orgo Location: Tallinn, Estonia

© Jaanus Ree / Red Bull Illume

The extension of Red Bull Illume Special Image Quest by another week is an opportunity for creators to try out every angle. How many times have you thought of an even greater idea after a submitting something amazing? Sometimes after a week of brainstorming, the very best ideas come out, that’s why the submissions phase is now open until July 12, 2020 at 23:59 CEST.

That doesn’t mean wait until the last minute because there will still be a set of finalists announced every week. One week of the submission phase has already passed, however the first round of community voting will now take place next week, from June 18 till June 21, 2020. Remember, there are three categories for still and moving images of up to one minute and a completely new category dedicated to the most original Instagram stories.

The external panel of judges consists of photo editors, digital experts, and world-renowned athletes that decide category winners and choose the overall winners for still, moving, and stories. As an overall winner, you become an official Red Bull Illume Winner and receive a tailor-made experience from Red Bull. Your content will also be added to the Red Bull Illume Exhibit Tour that’s currently travelling all around the world, gaining great exposure with a community of people passionate about the adventure and action scene.

Share your epic content with the world in Red Bull Illume Special Image Quest 2020. Stay tuned to and follow us on your favorite social media channels to get the latest news.

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Red Bull Illume Special Image Quest 2020 is here!

A contest for adventure and action sports content creators to celebrate their creativity in 2020 on Instagram.


© Thomas Morel / Red Bull Illume

It’s official! Red Bull Illume is hosting a new contest, bringing you more of the world’s greatest adventure and action content with the Red Bull Illume Special Image Quest. It’s a celebration of all the outstanding creativity that is coming out on Instagram in 2020 and submissions open on June 1, 2020. Red Bull Illume wants to showcase the passion and dedication of photo- and videographers pushing the boundaries of content creation.

The Special Image Quest 2020 has three categories you can submit your still or moving images into, as well as a fourth and totally new one which calls for your most creative adventure and action sports Instagram stories. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a professional photographer or a first-time content maker, it’s the idea and execution that counts.

See all 4 categories and descriptions


The competition runs for 5 weeks from June 1, 2020 at 00:00 CET until July 5, 2020 at 23:59 CET. The Red Bull Illume jury will select the 5 still and 5 moving images per category, plus the 5 best stories every week. This selection will be displayed on our website. where the community will have the power to vote for their weekly finalists in each category and the winners are announced every Monday from June 15, 2020. An external panel of judges comprised of photo editors, digital experts, and world-renowned athletes will then select the category winners and thereafter the overall winners.

Full timeline and submission details


For the first time there will be 3 overall winners because still and moving content will be adjudicated separately. Each category (with the exception of Storytale) will have a moving image winner and a still image winner, resulting in: 1 Overall Still Image Winner, 1 Overall Moving Image Winner, and 1 Overall Storytale Winner. The winners will be announced on July 30, 2020.

As an overall winner, you’ll earn the title of being an official Red Bull Illume Winner and receive a tailor-made and out of this world experience from Red Bull. Your content will also be added to the Red Bull Illume Exhibit Tour that’s currently travelling all around the world, gaining great exposure with a community of people passionate about the adventure and action scene.

Get ready to show the world your adventure and action creations! Start by checking out your existing footage or finally making that content you’ve been thinking about because submissions open on June 1, 2020.
Stay tuned to and follow us on your favorite social media channels to get the latest news!

Red Bull Illume is back in 2020

A brand-new contest from Red Bull Illume kicks off on June 1, 2020, to celebrate your extraordinary imagery.

People become more creative when faced with a challenge, that’s a fact. Right now, no matter where you are in the world, you have probably found yourself finding new ways to stay relevant and do what you do best. The result? A variety of unbelievable, unforgettable, and we believe, award-winning content. It’s for this reason that Red Bull Illume is happy to announce a special contest, starting next Monday, June 1, 2020.

Red Bull Illume celebrates the world’s best adventure and action sports imagery content creators with Illume Image Quest; this special contest is no different. With all the amazing creative work coming out in 2020, this additional special contest aims to provide a platform for you to showcase your originality on Instagram.
Have you challenged yourself to create something totally new? It’s time to go through your 2020 content or perhaps even plan the next shoot. Start now, because the contest opens for submissions next Monday! All the details will be announced and shared this Thursday, May 28, 2020. Mark it in your calendar and keep a look out on and our social media channels.

Gallery: Epic self-portraits that made the Red Bull Illume finals

You heard right, there are “Selfies” that made it into the Red Bull Illume Image Quest final in the past. Now obviously we’re not talking about your average mirror snapshot, but photographs that took a different, surprising approach, no matter if they were spontaneous snaps or well planned creations. Get inspired to be your own subject with these 6 images from the past 10 years of Red Bull Illume!

Social Media 101 with Fabien Maierhofer

Social Media has become one of the most important creative outlets, especially for photographers who want to share their work with the world. But what does a picture need to perform well on Instagram? How do you choose what to post and how can it help your work as a professional photographer? Red Bull Illume 2019 finalist and social media expert Fabien Maierhofer gives us some insight on how (and why!) he uses social media.

The Image Quest 2019 saw a completely new category, Best of Instagram by SanDisk, which reflects how important social media has become for photographers over the past few years. With the fascinating image of a skier without snow french freeskier Fabien Maierhofer was one of the finalists of this category. With his award-winning web series "Bon Appetit" on YouTube Maierhofer has shifted his perspective more towards content creation online. With us he talked about this transition and more.

Your iconic shot of the skier made it to the final stage of the Image Quest 2019 in the Best of Instagram by SanDisk category. How important is social media for your work as a photographer?

Social Media is a big opportunity to show my work and for a lot of great photographers this is the best tool to show their pictures to the world. Previously, it was really hard to share what you created with a large number of people.

Why did you choose to submit to this category?

Submitting to Best of Instagram was the easiest way for me and it also meant that I could submit a little bit earlier.

Can you tell us a little bit more about the shot? How did it come about?

Although the shot looks out of this world, it was actually taken at the Col d’Izoard, a mountain pass in the Hautes-Alpes region in France. The image was captured while I was filming a behind the scenes video for one of my projects. When I saw the skier with the suit and the rocks I just took a quick snapshot for my Instagram. It’s funny because it looks so unrealistic and it made me question if skiing will look like that in the future due to climate change.  

Your transition from a professional freestyle skier to a content creator seems pretty smooth. Were there any challenges for you?

The real challenge is to be good in both! I’m still a professional skier and need to perform well on my skis but I also need to work on my photography skills. When I’m skiing the first thing I do is ski down the mountain and then, when I’ve reached the bottom I try to take pictures for practice. The only bad thing though, is that now I have to carry a heavy bag when I’m skiing.

What are you more passionate about: skiing or photography?

I think nowadays it’s 34% skiing, 33% film making and 33% photography. No, I’m just kidding, I don’t want to choose between my passions.

What inspires you to create?

Mountains always inspire me. Outdoor sports take up a lot of my free time and it’s crazy to see all of those colors, landscapes and adventures you can find there. I just love the mountains.

What do you usually look for in an image? What makes the “perfect” image for you?

The first thing I look for is a good landscape even before I look for the action. The perfect image is the right move in the right place. And if you have great light as well, you will make a really awesome picture.

What does an image need to perform well on social media?

If you want your picture to perform well on social media I think it has to be vertical. It also helps if it’s a bright shot that is understood by everyone.

What’s your favorite social media platform and why?

Definitely YouTube! You are able to tell a story and you can take your time with it as well. If people want to see behind the scenes material I redirect them to my Instagram. That’s where I usually show that kind of stuff. That’s also a great way to connect the different social media platforms.

Where can we find more of your work?

I share video content, tutorials and podcasts on my YouTube channel. Right now, you have to speak French to understand it, but I’m working on subtitles. On my Instagram account I constantly share images of my adventures.

Wings for Life World Run connects runners globally for good cause this Sunday

On May 3, people across the globe will start simultaneously in the Wings for Life World Run, a charity run that raises funds for spinal cord injury research. Thanks to a special running App, participants can feel the thrill of being chased by a “moving finish line,” the so-called Catcher Car – all while safely distanced from others. It’s one of the few runs with global impact, if not the only one, to carry on as scheduled this spring.

Participant performs during the sixth edition of the Wings for Life World Run - App Run in Budapest, Hungary on May 5, 2019. // Balazs Palfi for Wings for Life World Run // AP-1Z8JH6CH52511 // Usage for editorial use only //

In the Wings for Life World Run, participants run for those who can’t: people affected by spinal cord injury. And this year’s seventh edition of the run will be unique. On May 3, all participants will start precisely at 1 PM CEST. But they will each run on their own against a virtual Catcher Car on the Wings for Life World Run App. Separated by distance, yet united in spirit. 

Colin Jackson, the Olympic silver medalist in hurdling who is International Sports Director of the Wings for Life World Run, says, “I have been touched by the passion of our participants for this great cause, this year more than ever. We’re especially excited to offer this opportunity at a time when so many people have not been able to participate in the joy of mass running events due to the need for social distancing. The run with the App enables everyone to participate individually.” 

The Wings for Life World Run raises funds for the not-for-profit foundation Wings for Life, which has funded 211 research projects in 19 countries. Runners of all levels are welcome, and across the six editions completed so far, more than 620,000 registered participants from 193 nationalities have run, walked and rolled in over 70 countries across all seven continents, raising €26.5 million for the good cause.

With registration open until one hour before the official start time of 11:00am UTC, anyone can join the Wings for Life World Run community to run for those who can’t on May 3, 2020. The running app is available for download at the App Store and Google Play. 

For more information go to

Almost a visual Q&A with Kamil Sustiak

We planned a traditional Visual Q&A with Kamil Sustiak, winner of Best Mountain Sports Image by Salewa and Red Bull Illume 2019 finalist, but the stories behind each of his jaw-dropping images were too interesting not to be told. That's why we made a little exception to the rule!

Kamil Sustiak's shot that made it to the final stage of the Image Quest 2019 and took away the Best Mountain Sports by Salewa Award, shows the impact light can have on scenery. It highlights the human capabilities and willpower in a truly unique way. Find out what inspires Kamil, what's his favorite style of photography and what challenges he has to overcome when shooting.

How would you describe yourself?

I'm a Czech climber who spent a season in New Zealand with no rope, no climbing gear and no climbing shoes. But what I did have with me was a camera. That season I fell in love for the third time (first was when as a boy I went climbing for the first time, the second time was when I met my now-wife) and I have been obsessed with taking photos ever since. The most natural thing for me to do was to point my camera at my climbing mates but with time I also focused on highlining, trail running and BASE jumping. Basically, if it's adventurous and takes place in nature, I'm shooting it. With my wife and two dogs I'm building a live in the Blue Mountains, Australia, it's like living the dream for me!

Why are you passionate about photography?

There are so many things I love about photography. The creative aspect of conceiving a shot, pushing the technology to its limits, immersing myself in adventures, travelling to beautiful and often unknown places. The more passion I put into my projects the more amazed I am of the results, it's quite addictive.

What inspires you the most?

Landscapes fire my imagination, I'm in awe of the mountains, afraid of raging rivers, transfixed by the swell and retreat of the ocean, humbled by ancient forests, but without the people nothing I do would make sense. They are the beating heart of all my photos. Without people there is no adventure, I get my drive from the people around me. When they push their limits and throw themselves at the impossible so that they burst with effort and emotion that is what inspires me to ensure my work does justice to their dreams.

What's your favourite photography style?

I try to find the strong and powerful human in beautiful natural landscapes, chasing that fleeting perfect light that only comes at the end of the day or at the beginning of a storm. But I also show up when I don't get perfect light conditions. I get out of bed when the forecast is grim, I rap over the cliff edge even when I’m not sure it’s worth it because you can still tell a powerful story in the contrast of the middle of the day or when the rain is smashing down. What I love is that when you get it right, photography can freeze these moments of pain and fear, elation and grandeur in a way that it can tell a story of place and people that is so much bigger than that single frame.

What captures your attention immediately?

Natural, sculptured shapes daubed with swirls of colour draw my eye, add in the changing play of the light illuminating a human doing something incredible and my eyes bulge. Other than that, I am attracted to human faces charged with emotion, be that elation, frustration or insufferable pain – that really gets my shutter pressing.

What was the most challenging shot for you?

Remote location, a brutal walk, a lonely mountain, unpredictable weather and having no second chances to capture both climbing up and BASE jumping off – shooting on Frenchmans Cap in Tasmania’s Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park was tough. But we were a team of six and collective suffering does wonders to lessen your own – it also helps when you’re in paradise.
The six of us were there to make a feature film of the whole trip but it is shooting the jumping that I remember most clearly, back then I had never even seen a BASE jump before, let alone photographed one. The first time I was terrified, hardly able to think. ’Five. Four. Three...’ just stick to the pre-composed frame “...Two. One. See ya!” They jumped, the camera fired, the whistling of the tracking suits faded, I could not breathe then relief flooded in as I heard the bang of the canopy opening far below.

And what was the most rewarding one?

Reward is a strange thing; is it nailing the perfect shot? Is it getting paid back for dragging yourself out of bed? Is it realizing that just turning up is half the game? I woke up and the first thought that came to my mind was this morning was going to be special – to be fair I always say that as it makes hitting the snooze button way harder. When we arrived to the line though it was surrounded by fog so thick you couldn’t see the hand in front of your face. An hour passed and still the magical sunrise I had envisaged hadn’t materialized. I thought, “Well, not today mate. It’s happened before. It’ll happen again... the world is not turning around your camera lens.” I was ready to bail when in a dramatic whoosh the fog dropped a tiny bit down into the valley leaving us in an otherworldly middle space between the surging cloud above and the roiling fog below. It lasted no more than an hour before the sun burnt everything off and the world turned normal again.

What do you look for in a picture?

I look for natural wonder and human drama. For me, a good adventure photo will usually have one or the other but great photos – the kind that make you stop and say “wow”, that make your palms itch with the desire to get out there – must have both. It’s hard to get it right but when you do, actually taking the photos is completely intoxicating. Increasingly for me the magical element is the light and one of my favorite kinds is storm-light. There are seconds when the clouds part or just as the storm eases when the fight between colour and shadow can be at its most intense, then you just have to be lucky enough to be looking at someone doing something awesome.

Where's your favourite location to shoot?

I feel so lucky to live right in the middle of the place that is my favorite to shoot – the Blue Mountains outside of Sydney. Within fifteen minutes of my house there are deep, forested valleys out of which rise huge sandstone cliffs, cliffs that contain literally thousands of climbing routes. The surrounding bush is riddled with hundreds of kilometres of trails to run and hike and bike. The promise of living in an adventure playground attracts runners, climbers, BASE jumpers, flyers, highliners, oddballs and nutjobs – the perfect community to photograph – all of whom are not only pushing themselves but also supporting each other to achieve wild and audacious goals. The Blue Mountains and the unique community that lives there constantly amaze me.

Find more of Kamil's work on his website or follow him on Instagram!

Red Bull Illume Limited Edition Photobook 2019

Adventure and actions sports may be on hold for a little while but that just means it’s the perfect time to gather inspiration for your next sesh! The Red Bull Illume Photobook 2019 is the perfect way to spend your time at home, looking at 260 of the best adventure and action sports images from the Image Quest 2019.


Every image in the Photobook has been selected from a record-breaking 59,551 submitted by thousands of photographers from all over the world. It’s our mission to give honor the hard work and dedication of the artists who pour their passion into creating the world’s best adventure and action sports imagery by giving them the credit that they deserve. It’s the reason these limited edition photobooks are individually numbered and stamped – with only 4,000 available!

If that isn’t enough, every Photobook includes a SanDisk Ultra SD Memory Card (16GB) with the Moving Image Category Videos and a full version of Luminar Photo 4 Editor. That means you or your loved one don’t have to wait for the next adventure to start getting creative. It’s the perfect gift for every adventure and action sports lover.

There are also a handful of Photobooks from previous editions that have been uncovered and are now on sale for a limited time. Perhaps you weren’t able to get one last time, or you’re just looking to experience the full collection? Head on over to COOPH Store and check out all the available bundles up for grabs!

Be sure to get your hands on a limited edition Red Bull Illume Photobook today!